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Leo Patterson Ross | 10/12/2018

Factchecking the fourth estate

Media reporting of housing issues is a mixed bag. It certainly has gotten much better over time, and journalists and readers are becoming more educated. Over the last week there have been three…
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Robert Mowbray | 09/11/2018

The sale of Millers Point properties has ended: it has made inequality worse

With the sale of the final two terrace houses on Saturday, 3 November 2018, Property NSW announced the end of the Millers Point sales program. Announcement of the successful tender for the sale…
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Leo Patterson Ross | 24/10/2018

The Limits of Rights and Protections: Housing as an Essential Service

Public policy relating to renting and tenancy is typically approached through two competing conceptions: consumer protection and human rights - are we regulating an economic exchange or ensuring…
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Robert Mowbray | 21/06/2018

A longer lease on life: issues for older renters

With a surplus of $3.9 billion for 2016-17, the 2018 NSW State Budget had its winners and losers. The latter include seniors and renters. This blog examine some of the issues confronting older…
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Ned Cutcher | 19/04/2016

Please can we have a cat?

Renting with pets is risky, you've got to be responsible in ways that others do not. Unlike tenants, home owners can't be evicted for failing to train a dog not to bark at passing…
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Julie Foreman | 08/03/2016

Ruth Simon: A champion for housing rights

Ruth Simon is a true champion for housing justice. For well over a quarter of a century Ruth has dedicated herself to ensuring justice for Aboriginal people through her work, both paid and…
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Dylan Stanford | 08/03/2016

Transgender women and homelessness

Parental rejection and family violence based on gender identity have been cited as causes of homelessness for young trans people in Australia. The insecurity of homelessness can in turn have…
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Robert Mowbray | 07/10/2015

You shall not covet your neighbour's house

On March 19th 2014 the O'Farrell Government announced the proposed sale of 293 public housing properties in Millers Point and the Rocks. Now, just over 18 months later, Dr Robert Mowbray…
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Leo Patterson Ross | 20/01/2015

Land tax is the fairest tax on earth

From the Brown Couch archives: an explanation of why the TU supports a land tax
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