Rent Tracker Postcode Tool

rent tracker postcode tool graphic with magnifying glass

Use this tool to find rent data for any postcode.

Start by putting the postcode into the box below.

rent increase negotiation kit graphic with money and a mobile phoneYou can also adjust the other filters, such as the type of home and number of bedrooms.

For tools to negotiate about a rent increase, including a Letter Generator with personalised data for your area, see our Rent Increase Negotiation Kit.





The tool may take a few moments to load. If you have trouble using it, try using it in Tableau.


More information

If you have feedback on Rent Tracker, or need help using it, please contact the Tenants’ Union.

If you need tenancy advice, please contact your local Tenants Advice and Advocacy Service.

Rent Tracker is a project of the Tenants’ Union of NSW, using data published by NSW Fair Trading. Updates are monthly or as often as the data is made available from Fair Trading.

For more parts of the Rent Tracker project, see:

rent increase negotiation kit graphic with money and a mobile phone

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