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Lismore flood victims in grip of housing crisis still as report urges change to cope with disasters

Bruce MacKenzie
ABC (No paywall)

Kerry Storton reckons she has slept in 20 different beds since her house at Wardell was damaged in the floods that ravaged the Northern Rivers region almost nine months ago.

"I live out of tubs," she said.

"I've stayed with five sets of friends and I've had something like 20 different beds (if I include) house sitting and weekends away."

Read more on the report covered in this article: https://www.tenants.org.au/news/research-northern-rivers-floods-expose-flaws-nsw-housing-system


# Must read, TUNSW in the media, Research alert NSW, Disasters - storm, fire, flood etc, Housing affordability.

Tenancy advice requests quadruple in Community Legal Centres

Francisco Silva
Law Society Journal (No paywall)

Inflation and low tenancy rates are driving up rental prices across the state, causing many to seek help and advice from their local legal centres.
With the rental crisis hitting most suburbs in NSW, local legal centres are seeing a steep rise in enquiries and requests for help from tenants facing prohibitive rent increases. According to industry analysts, rents rose over an average of 10 per cent in the past year, with some suburbs registering increases of up to 30 per cent. It’s a case of a perfect storm, partially driven by some of the lowest vacancy rates on record but also by pressure from higher interest rates and inflation.


# TUNSW in the media NSW, Eviction, Campaigns and law reform, Community Legal Centres, No-grounds evictions, Tenants Advice and Advocacy Services.

Tenants forced to make sacrifices as Wollongong rents continue to surge: Everybody's Home data

Grace Crivellaro
Illawarra Mercury (Paywall)

Wollongong tenants are paying up to more than $70 more than they did a year ago, new data has revealed - a situation which has choked the budgets of many.


# NSW, Housing affordability.

‘Own goal’: Plan to clear bushland for new homes divides government MPs

Andrew Taylor and Natassia Chrysanthos
The Sydney Morning Herald (No paywall)

Two senior government ministers are privately furious about plans to build hundreds of new homes in Sydney bushland, setting up a fresh political battleground for independents seeking to win the Liberals’ heartland northern beaches seats in the March state election.

As the Coalition prepares to campaign on its environmental credentials to stave off the “teal” threat in next year’s poll, a growing stoush over plans to clear bushland and build 450 homes at Lizard Rock in Belrose, progressed under new planning rules championed by Planning Minister Anthony Roberts, will give local fuel to an independent campaign.


# NSW, Housing market, Planning and development.

NSW family of seven stuck living in a tent amid housing crisis

Rhiannon Lewin
7 News (No paywall)

or four weeks, Patricia Thompson bore the full brunt of Australia’s escalating housing crisis.

She, her partner and their five children were crammed inside a torn, old tent as they waited helplessly for a house to live in.

The tent wasn’t a long-term solution for the family-of-seven, with a strict deadline approaching for them to be evicted from the caravan park they were camping in.


# Video NSW, Eviction, Housing affordability.

Have your say about keeping pets in rental homes

RSPCA (No paywall)

RSPCA NSW is encouraging animal lovers across the state to have their say about pets in rental homes.

Currently, landlords in NSW can refuse to allow a tenant to keep a pet without providing a reason unless it’s an assistance animal. With 70 percent of Australian households owning at least one pet, these current restrictions can present serious obstacles for renters and their companion animals, often resulting in traumatic and heartbreaking outcomes.


# Hot topic NSW, Pets.

Homes for people: Housing solutions for everyone

TUNSW (No paywall)

In November, the Tenants' Union of NSW, along with our Homes for People coalition partners, launched the election advocacy platform Homes for People: Housing Solutions for Everyone at a briefing event at NSW Parliament House.

Homes for People is a coalition of NSW housing campaigns - including Make Renting Fair, Building Better Homes, Healthy Homes for Renters, and Ageing on the Edge. We came together to give focus to the problems many people face in relation to housing. We are calling for housing reform that will create the homes people want and need; homes that provide shelter, safety, stability, and comfort.


# TUNSW in the media NSW, Eviction, Privacy-and-access, Rent, Disability.

Electricity is a hot topic but little has changed for residents in land lease communities

Julia Davis
TUNSW (No paywall)

There have been a number of consultations, reviews and inquiries into electricity in NSW over the past couple of years. The Tenants’ Union provided submissions to a number of these inquiries raising the numerous issues that are impacting renters in NSW around electricity.

A couple of months ago Eloise Parrab (Land Lease Communities Officer) and Jemima Mowbray (Policy & Advocacy Manager) from the Tenants’ Union were invited to be witnesses at the NSW Government Law and Safety Committee Inquiry into Embedded Networks in NSW. In our submission and at a parliamentary hearing we put forward to the committee the issues and problems faced by residents living in residential land lease communities where they have embedded networks. We made recommendations on how to resolve these issues.


# TUNSW in the media NSW, Land-lease-communities, Utilities-electricity-water-gas.

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