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The gap between Australian house prices and incomes is only likely to grow

Greg Jericho
The Guardian (No paywall)

Australians love of housing continues with even more vigour during the Covid recession – powered by government incentives and record low interest rates, which look set to remain low for many years.…

# Australia, Coronavirus COVID-19, Home ownership, Housing market.

RBA report highlights risks of axing responsible lending laws

Matt Johnson
The New Daily (No paywall)

An internal Reserve Bank report outlining the negative effects of long-term low interest rates has strengthened the case for retaining responsible lending standards, economists have argued.…

# Australia, Home ownership, Housing market.

Sicilian town offers fresh chance to snap up house for €1

Nick Squires
The Sydney Morning Herald (Paywall)

From Italy ... A picturesque hilltop town in Sicily is preparing to offer 15 historic houses for sale, each for just €1 ($1.57). ... [Following the first phase of the project] Sambuca had been revitalised and turned into "a little United Nations". "It's been good for us because a lot of the buyers have been under the age of 40, which is important for a town like ours with an ageing population'.…

# International, Heritage listings, Housing market.

'Grossly inadequate': Housing advocates reject Waterloo high-rise plan

Megan Gorrey
The Sydney Morning Herald (Paywall)

Housing advocates have seized on plans to build offices and more than 600 residences in towers above and around the future Waterloo metro station to demand more social and affordable homes in Sydney's inner south. ... Shelter NSW said plans for fewer than 100 social and affordable homes would do little to ease housing stress, as the waiting list for social housing in NSW passes 51,000, including more than 4000 people on a "priority" list. ... Waterloo Public Housing Action Group said the number of homes was "grossly inadequate to meet the affordable housing needs of the area for a redevelopment of this scale and significance on public land. We propose that this project be rejected and a new the original housing ... targets in line with the community's vision be adhered to."…

# NSW, Aboriginal-renters, Public-and-community-housing, Affordable housing, DCJ Housing.

Rental crisis forces West Australians to surrender pets to animal shelters

Tyne Logan
ABC (No paywall)

The manager of an animal shelter in Western Australia says the state's rental shortage is forcing several people to give up their pets just to secure accommodation. Vacancy rates for rentals around the state have plummeted over recent months.…

# Must read Australia, Rent, Housing market, Pets.

Canberra's rental crisis is forcing many to spend weeks searching for a home as prices go beyond 'affordable'

Rosie King
ABC (No paywall)

Finding a rental property in Canberra at this time of year is almost always a battle, as hordes of people flock to the national capital to start university and take up new jobs. But as the country remains in the grip of the coronavirus pandemic, there was hope among prospective tenants that this year would be less brutal. It's not. In fact, it's worse. Read on ...…

# Australia, Rent, Affordable housing, Housing market.

Most of Melbourne's slum pockets were demolished, but a few survived

Tim Callanan
ABC (No paywall)

Social reformer F Oswald Barnett, a devout Methodist ... did more to highlight conditions in Melbourne's poorest suburbs than any other person of his time. In his mind, poor-quality housing and social decay were linked, and it was vital that one be destroyed before it led to the other. "We have a great and holy war ahead of us, and it should arouse within us no less a flame than burned in the hearts of Englishmen who determined to abolish slavery," he wrote. Read on ...…

# History Australia, Housing market, Planning and development.

Gross Estate

Mandy Nolan
(No paywall)

Last week in Byron a house that doesn’t yet exist hit the market for $60 million. A beach front holiday house. A tidy little weekender. The buyer will purchase a drawing of the house that is yet to materialise. It’s not even a home. It’s for holidays. A holiday from what? Makes me want to puke. We should all be appalled. This sort of wealth should not be celebrated. (Echo NetDaily)…

# Australia, Housing market, Regional NSW.