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Young Renters: We hear you!

A new report by the Tenants’ Union of NSW and Youth Action digs into issues facing renters under 30. Young people’s voices feature, with quotes taken from the 304 responses to our survey of…
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Older woman holding drivers license - DCJ Housing image - Seniors Strategy

Supporting older renters to 'age-in-place'

Recently the Tenants’ Union of NSW made a submission to NSW Department of Communities and Justice as part of their consultations for the next NSW Government strategy for seniors. We recommended…
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Mary and Amanda

Advocating for independent living

Recently, the Northern Rivers Tenants' Advice and Advocacy Service was able to assist a tenant to maintain her independent living. The tenant lives in social housing, in a modest three…
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Protected tenant's roof

Changes to the law for 'protected tenants'

From 1 July 2019 the law regarding ‘protected tenants’ changed. They previously were covered under the provisions of the Landlord and Tenant (Amendment) Act 1948. No-one knows how many protected…
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Leaking roof
The leaking roof over the home of a 93-year-old protected tenant.

'Protected tenants' infosheet

A small number of tenants of residential premises across New South Wales live in premises covered by the former Landlord and Tenant (Amendment) Act 1948 (‘1948 Act’). They are known as ‘…
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Jane Bennett Lower Fort Street

Millers Point: through the looking glass

Robert Mowbray reflects on the forced relocation of public housing tenants from Millers Point. He collects a selection of posts that report and discuss on the events and issues.
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Older woman sitting on a couch - report cover

Older people at risk of homelessness

'The older I get the scarier it becomes' is a new report into the risk of homelessness for older people in NSW. The report was released on 29th November 2017, during the 2017 National…
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Tenant News 114

Energy and climate – Tenant News special edition

Energy bills. Most of us don’t look forward to getting them. They're often difficult to understand, but the worst part is looking to the spot in the bill where the dollars owed sit in heavy…
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Leo from the Tenants' Union of NSW speak on ABC News 24

Home ownership is falling - what needs to happen?

Our Advocacy and Research Officer Leo spoke to ABC News 24 about a new report which shows that Australia has one of the lowest rates of home ownership amongst 9 countries analysed by HSBC.…
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Word cloud of Tenants' Union submission on long fixed terms

Long fixed-terms submission

Tenants' Union of NSW submission on long fixed term tenancies
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Broken roof

It's tough being a 'protected tenant'

We spoke with John, a protected tenant who has been living in his home in Randwick since 1978. We asked him about his experience in a protected tenancy and the ongoing issues he has faced around…
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Todd and Bent Street tenants

Growing community in a tenant-run garden

The public housing tenants at Todd and Bent Street have been working hard to create a vibrant community and a luscious community garden. Thanks to their love and care, a permaculture garden now…
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