Briefing: Ipsos Public Affairs Polling Research – Reasonable Grounds Reform


New research shows NSW renters want action on eviction reform; strong backing from landlords and community.

NSW renters want to see action from the NSW Government on promised rental reforms to end ‘no grounds’ evictions.

New polling, undertaken by Ipsos Public Affairs for the Tenants’ Union of NSW, shows significant support from landlords for the reforms. The research also shows the community expects reforms should apply uniformly for all renters.

Key findings from polling:

  • 84% of people agree if a renter is being told to leave their home they should be provided with a reason.
  • 88% of renters support the NSW Government’s proposal to introduce reasonable grounds and end ‘no grounds’ evictions
  • 77% of landlords and 76% within the community also support the proposed eviction reform.
  • 2 out of 3 people feel eviction reforms should apply for all renters; 75% of renters agree.
  • 82.5% of renters report a recent increase in their housing costs; with 84% cutting back on discretionary spending or other household costs
  • 75% of people polled believe the NSW government should act to reduce unfair evictions as a cost-of-living measure.

A year on from the NSW Labor Government taking office, NSW’s million renting households are still waiting for the government to introduce eviction reform and make a real difference in the housing crisis.

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