Renting art across Sydney

Leo Patterson Ross • 30/07/2019

In Sydenham, from August 2nd to 10th, as part of Edge Sydenham, you can see "Real State Tenancies" by Emily Valentine. Emily describes her art below.

Meanwhile at the Penrith Regional Galley, another exhibition is running until the 25th of August. "The Housing Question" which bounces off the historic Engel's work and contrasts housing history and design in Spain and Australia using video, photography, sculpture and installation.

We encourage you to visit both exhibitions if you can!


Edge posterEmily writes, "In my photographs, renters are pictured in their homes. More than 30% of people rent. This important piece of social history is being ignored. Renters, especially those in the private rental market, have little or no security and it is difficult to create a home, yet they do!

"In our real estate centric society, photographs of houses – empty, clean, white, and devoid of people bombard us. These images build a fantasy of the perfect state of houses, but also as homes as vacant spaces. This is abnormal."

Emily will be on site at 11.30am on 4th August to talk about the piece.