Program of redeveloping premises in existing NSW public housing estates.

Video: Tenant-focussed renewal

Jen Rignold is a public housing tenant in Airds Bradbury, and a member of the advisory committee on Principles for Tenant Focussed Renewal. In this video, she describes why an agreement is important and shares her learning on processes that are tenant-focussed. Jen speaks about the need to build respectful relationships, to listen and be heard, and to form vibrant communities.
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Waterloo Redevelopment Masterplan Process Whiteboard Animation launched

David and Goliath: One tenant’s 14-year battle for repairs

David Bott
Public housing tenant David Bott
David Bott’s long-running battle in the Tribunal shone a light on a serious issue which public housing tenants know all too well: the systematic failure of FACS to do necessary repairs. After 14 years, FACS made the necessary repairs, but only after getting dangerously close to being found in contempt of the Tribunal. Thanks to David’s tenacity, his case has also paved the way for significant changes to the way FACS will deal with repairs issues.
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Tools and Resources for Participating in Redevelopment Planning

Inner Sydney Voice logo
The Waterloo Community Capacity Building project led by Inner Sydney Voice has put together some tools and resources on urban planning, urban design and urban public policy to support tenants and others who want to participate efficiently in the elaboration of a long term urban planning and urban design vision for their area.
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Redeveloping Waterloo housing

Inner Sydney Voice cover
Inner Sydney Voice have produced a special edition all about Waterloo and public housing renewal. It's really excellent - check it out.
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A Compact for Renewal: What tenants want from Renewal

A group of 6 adult tenants smiling and laughing
Respect for tenants, acknowledgment that renewal has damaging and disruptive impacts, that impacts will be mitigated and minimised, a commitment to real engagement, and that tenants receive a fair share of the benefits of renewal. These are the Principles for a proposed Compact for Renewal between agencies undertaking urban renewal and social housing tenants affected by renewal. 
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