Tenants' Rights Manual

The Tenants’ Rights Manual was a resource produced by the Tenants’ Union of NSW and published by The Federation Press and Find Legal Answers at the State Library of NSW. Due to changes in tenancy law, changes in the way people access legal information, and the costs of production, the Manual is no longer published. Old copies of the Manual are significantly out of date and should not be relied upon. If you wish to access an old copy for historical/research purposes, please contact us


For up-to-date and comprehensive tenancy information, please see our factsheets and other resources.


Key topic areas:

|  Aboriginal renters  |  Boarders and lodgers  |  Bond  |  Community languages  |  COVID-19  |  Discrimination  |  Domestic violence  |  Eviction  |  The Tribunal (NCAT)  |  Land Lease Communities  |  Privacy and access  |  Public & community housing  |  Rent  |  Repairs  |  Security and safety  |  Share houses  |  Starting a tenancy  |  Strata  |  Utilities – electricity, water, gas  |  You want to leave |