Reports, submissions, research

Tenants' Union policy work involves analysing and advocating for change to policy as it affects NSW renters. We make submissions to inquiries and reviews across a range of legislation and policy areas.

Private renting

Rent Tracker Research Project, updated September 2023.

Submission: NSW Parliamentary Inquiry into the Residential Tenancies Act (Rental Fairness) Bill 2023, May 2023.

Submission: Review of Domestic Violence rental laws, December 2022.

Submission: Tenants' Union of NSW - Keeping Pets in Rental Homes, November 2022.

Submission: Make Renting Fair NSW - Keeping Pets in Rental Homes, November 2022.

Submission: Property and Stock Agents Regulation - Remaking Rules for Property Agents, July 2022.

Report: Eviction, Hardship and the Housing Crisis February 2022.

Report: Young Renters: We hear you! Key findings from our young renter survey and roundtables June 2021.

Report: Supporting Renters Through the Pandemic September 2020.

Submission: Residential Tenancies Regulation 2019 August 2019.

Report: Lives Turned Upside Down: NSW Renters' Experience of 'no grounds' evictions March 2019.

Submission: Easy and Transparent Trading August 2018.

Submission: Long Fixed-Term Residential Tenancy Agreements Jan 2017.

Submission: Response to Fair Trading NSW discussion paper “Statutory Review of the Residential Tenancies Act 2010” Jan 2016.

TU's quick guide to the review of renting laws in NSW Jan 2016.

Report: 5 years of the Residential Tenancies Act 2010 Jul 2015

Comment: On the proposed repeal of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1899 Jun 2015

Briefing Paper: Unreasonable restrictions on children and other occupants in rental housing Oct 2014.

Report: Residential Tenancies Act 2010 Mar 2012

Submission: Residential Tenancies Regulation 2010 Sep 2011

Submission: Residential Tenancies Bill 2009 Sep 2011

Public, community and affordable housing

Tenants' Union of NSW submission on the Waterloo South Plan, April 2022

Tenants' Union of NSW and Public Interest Advocacy Centre Joint Submission to the NSW Parliament's Follow up Review of NSW Public Housing Maintenance Contracts December 2020

Change Management: Social Housing Management Transfers Program: Best Practice Report – Tenants' Experience May 2020

Submission to Statutory Review of s154D and s154G of the Residential Tenancies Act 2010 November 2019

Submission to the Review of the National Regulatory Scheme for Community Housing April 2019

Joint Letter Public Housing Bonds June 2018

Joint Letter re Inner Sydney Allocations March 2018

Senate Standing Committee on Community Affairs Inquiry into the Social Services Legislation Amendment (Housing Affordability) Bill 2017 Nov 2017

Comment: Tenancy Bonds for Public Housing Oct 2016

Submission Inquiry into Management of NSW Public Housing Maintenance Contracts, also available from NSW Parliament website (submission 18) February 2016

Briefing Paper: Public Housing - Antisocial Behaviour Bill 2015 Sep 2015

Submission: Sirius Building Heritage Sep 2015

Further Comment: On the 'antisocial behaviour' amendment bill Aug 2015

Preliminary Comment: On the 'antisocial behaviour' amendment bill Aug 2015

Briefing update: 'One strike' evictions, and other Government proposals concerning social housing tenancies Aug 2015

Submission: One Strike Discussion Paper Apr 2015

Submission: Social Housing Discussion Paper Mar 2015

Submission: The Senate Economic References Committee Inquiry into Affordable Housing Mar 2014

Submission: The Inquiry into Social, Public and Affordable Housing Mar 2014

Submission: Draft Public Housing Tenants Support Bill and Housing Payment Deduction Scheme Apr 2013

Submission: Location of social housing Jul 2011

Briefing Paper: Tenant fraud Bill Jul 2011

Submission: National Rental Affordability Scheme  Mar 2011

Research Paper: Reshaping Public Housing and work disincentives Oct 2008

Land lease communities (residential parks)

Submission in response to the Discussion Paper on the Statutory Review of the Residential (Land Lease) Communities Act 2013 March 2021

Report: 5 years of the Residential (Land Lease) Communities Act 2013 August 2020

Report: Residential (Land Lease) Communities Act 2013 February 2017

Submission: Review of Residential Parks Act 1998 Mar 2012

Strata law

Submission: Statutory Review of NSW Strata Scheme Laws April 2021

Submission: Reform of strata laws Aug 2015

Submission: Draft Strata Development Bill Oct 2014

Submission: Strata Schemes Management Bill Oct 2014

Submission: Strata and community title law reform Nov 2012

Boarders, lodgers and share housing

Submission: Boarding Houses Act 2012 review October 2019

Boarding House Act 5 Year Review March 2018

Report: Share Housing in NSW May 2017

Evaluation: TU Boarding House Education Project June 2016

Report: Analysis of registrable boarding houses and the roomshare market May 2014

Submission: Draft Boarding Houses Regulation 2013 May 2013

Submission: Draft standard form occupancy agreement for general boarding houses Apr 2013

Comment: Boarding Houses Bill 2012 Oct 2012

Briefing Paper: Registration and accreditation for residential services Mar 2012

Comment: Residential Tenancies Amendment (Occupancy Agreements) Bill 2011 Dec 2011

Policy Paper: Reforming marginal renting Jul 2011

Briefing Paper: Occupancy principles Jul 2011

Briefing Paper: Occupancy Agreements Jul 2011

Tax reform

Submission: NSW Government's Proposed Property Tax reform March 2021

Tenants' guide to tax reform May 2016

Policy: Land Tax Policy Jul 2014

Short-term holiday letting

Submission: Short-term rental accommodation – a new regulatory framework September 2019

Submission: Short-term Rental Accommodation Planning Framework November 2018

Research: The effects of Airbnb on rents in Sydney April 2017

Tribunal and other dispute resolution

Submission: Open Justice Review, Law Reform Commission February 2021

Submission: Civil and Administrative Tribunal Act 2013 Statutory Review July 2019

Submission: on Fair Trading Complaints Register Guidelines May 2018

Submission: Response to 'Justice for everyday problems: Civil Justice in NSW' consultation paper Feb 2017

Submission: Opportunities to consolidate tribunals in NSW Dec 2011

Other topics

Aboriginal Housing and Housing Activism in NSW, May 2023.

Submission to the Proposal for the PaintShop Precinct, August 2022

Submission to the NSW Parliamentary Inquiry into Embedded Networks, July 2022

Submission to the NSW Parliamentary Inquiry into Older persons (over 55) and Homelessness, June 2022

Submission to the Productivity Commission's Housing and Homelessness Agreement Review March 2022

Submission to the NSW Government's Consultation on Energy Consumer Policies March 2022

Submission to the Regional Housing Taskforce September 2021

Submission on the Indigenous Voice Co-design Process & the Interim Voice Report; in support of a First Nations Voice to Parliament April 2021

Submission to the Senate Inquiry on the Social Services Legislation Amendment (Strengthening Income Support) Bill also available from Parliament website (submission 215) March 2021

Submission to the Audit Office NSW, Responses to Homelessness January 2021

Submission on the Social Program for Energy Code November 2020

Submission on Explanation of Intention for proposed Housing Diversity SEPP September 2020

Submission: on A Housing Strategy for NSW - Discussion Paper August 2020

Submission: NSW Ageing Strategy July 2020

National Association of Tenants' Organisations' Submission to Senate Select Committee on COVID-19 inquiry into the Australian Government’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, also available from Parliament website (submission 449) June 2020

Submission to the United Nations: COVID-19 and the right to housing in Australia – focus on NSW June 2020

Submission to the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Social Policy and Legal Affairs: Inquiry into Homelessness June 2020

Briefing: Further supports required for renters during COVID-19 health crisis May 2020

Submission: Kickstarting the productivity discussion November 2019

Submission: Federal inquiry into the Adequacy of Newstart and Related Payments September 2019

Guide: A tenant's guide to the NSW election 2019 March 2019

Submission: Better Business Reforms December 2018

Submission: Federal inquiry into energy efficiency and low income rental homes Sept 2018

Presentation: NACLC Conference - 'Scraping it together' August 2018

Submission: Easy and Transparent Trading Consultation Paper August 2018

Briefing: Bond exit survey April 2018

Submission: on Protections for Residents of Long Term Supported Group Accommodation in NSW March 2018

Submission: Inquiry into land release and housing supply in NSW Sept 2017

Submission: Inquiry into elder abuse in NSW Nov 2015

Briefing Paper: Residual Current Devices Oct 2014

Research: Survey Report Affordable Housing and the New South Wales Rental Market Apr 2014

Submission: Review of the Aboriginal Land Rights Act 1983 Oct 2013

Submission: White Paper and Draft Metropolitan Strategy Jul 2013

Submission: Children and window safety consultation paper Apr 2013

Submission: NSW Fair Trading review of regulatory burden

Submission: Companion Animals Taskforce Jul 2012