Sample Letter

Offer of compromise on rent increase

You can send this sample letter when you have received a notice of rent increase from your landlord and you think the amount they have asked for is excessive.

Cut and paste the template letter below or download a copy from the link above. Remember to substitute your details for the details contained in [square brackets].

[Your name and address]


[Landlord’s and agent’s name and address]

Dear …

Re: Notice of rent increase at [your address]

I have received your letter dated [date] stating that my rent will increase from $[amount] per week to $[amount] per week on [date].

A rent increase of $[amount] per week will cause me great hardship. [As you are aware, I am on a low income and have a young family. I have always been prompt in paying the rent and have looked after the premises.]

However, I am able to pay rent of $[amount] per week and ask that you agree to this lesser amount.

Section 41(6) of the Residential Tenancies Act 2010 states that a new notice agreeing to increase the rent to a lesser amount takes effect from the date on which the earlier notice was to take effect.

I look forward to your reply confirming that the increased rent will be $[amount] per week, starting on [date].

Yours sincerely

[T Tenant]