Ending tenancy due to domestic violence – Domestic Violence Termination Notice

Tenants in circumstances of domestic violence are able to end their tenancy by serving a Domestic Violence Termination Notice (DVTN), with relevant evidence, and vacating – for more information see Factsheet 12: Domestic violence and renting and Domestic violence and renting: Supplementary Guide.

For the DVTN to be valid, you will need to attach one of the following documents when you give it to the landlord/agent. You do not need to attach a document to the DVTN you give to any other co-tenants:

  • a Declaration by Competent Person (NSW Fair Trading); or
  • if you are not a victim-survivor of domestic violence, but your dependent child is, you can use a Declaration by Competent Person for Tenant’s Dependent Child (NSW Fair Trading); or
  • an Apprehended Domestic Violence Order (ADVO) (provisional, interim or final or made by a different state or New Zealand) protecting you from the domestic violence offender; or
  • a certificate of conviction of the domestic violence offender for the domestic violence offence; or
  • an injunction made by a family law court protecting you from the domestic violence offender.

Copy and paste the template letter below or download a copy from the link above. Remember to substitute your details for the details contained in [square brackets].

[Your name]
[A safe postal address]


[Landlord’s or agent’s name]
[Landlord’s or agent’s address]

Dear  . . . [landlord/agent/co-tenant]

Domestic Violence Termination Notice
(Division 3A Residential Tenancies Act 2010)

As I am in domestic violence circumstances, I give notice that I shall cease to be a tenant of  

[Premises address] 


[A date on or after this notice is given]

by serving this notice on you and vacating the premises.

Yours sincerely

[Your name / signature]

Attach one of the following:
    ▪    Declaration by a Competent Person; or
    ▪    Provisional, interim or final Apprehended Domestic Violence Order (ADVO); or
    ▪    Certificate of conviction of the domestic violence offender; or
    ▪    Family law injunction.