Community languages poster

Note: tenancy law changed on 23 March 2020. Our factsheets are up to date, but other resources are still under review.

Tenants' have rights! Community languages posterThe Tenants' Union of NSW produces a series of Tenants Rights Factsheets in community languages. These factsheets provide a practical, up-to-date, short introduction to tenants’ rights in NSW. See the full list at This poster promotes the community languages available – please download and display it, and tell your clients and fellow tenants about these factsheets!

The factsheets are available in 9 languages other than English. The languages chosen are the most common languages spoken by renters in NSW who can't speak English well or at all (over 100,000 people, according to ABS census data). Factsheets are available in Arabic, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Korean, Vietnamese, Spanish, Farsi, Thai and Japanese.

The factsheets were produced by the Tenants Union with assistance from the Law and Justice Foundation of NSW.