Rental history letter

This letter could be used if you have limited rental history in NSW but want to establish that you are able to pay the rent and maintain a tenancy. You might use this letter if you lived in a share house, transitional housing, boarding house, paid board to relatives while living with them, or rented overseas, and therefore have limited evidence of a rental history in NSW. You will need to be able to find a referee who is willing to sign the letter, such as a House Manager or head tenant. Your referee should make changes to the wording of the letter as needed. See also Factsheet 2: Starting a tenancy.

Copy and paste the template letter below or download a copy from the link above. Remember to substitute your details for the details contained in [square brackets].


To whom it may concern,

RE: [Renter name] - Rental reference

I can confirm that [renter’s name] lived at [address renter lived at] between the dates of [date renter started living there] and [date renter stopped living there].

[Renter name] paid [$] [rent/board] per [week/month/fortnight]. All payments have been on time.

During this period [renter name] was respectful of others living in the home and considerate of neighbours. [Renter name] kept their room clean and helped clean the common property.

[Insert anything else that would recommend you as a tenant]

If you need any further information, please contact me on [referee’s phone number].

Yours sincerely,


[Referee’s name]

[Referee’s job title e.g. ‘House Manager’]

[Referee’s address]

[Referee’s phone number]