| 26/03/2020

Important changes to rental laws – 23 March 2020

Important changes to tenancy law have come into effect as of 23 March 2020. These changes affect anyone renting a property in NSW (including people who rent both home and site in residential…
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| 16/03/2020

Contact Hunter Tenants' Advice and Advocacy Service

Access is via the telephone advice line on 4969 7666 or freecall 1800 654 504. If you can't get through during advice hours, please keep trying. You can leave a message outside advice hours…
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| 04/03/2020

Tales from the riverside

It was difficult to know where to start this article – it could have so many themes but essentially it is about one man who just wants to live quietly in the land lease community he chose as his…
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| 13/02/2020

Thank you Julie Foreman!

Julie Foreman is moving on from her role as Tenants' Union Executive Officer, and the Tenants' Union Board and staff would like to thank her for her fantastic contribution. It has been…
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| 12/02/2020

Advocating for independent living

Recently, the Northern Rivers Tenants' Advice and Advocacy Service was able to assist a tenant to maintain her independent living. The tenant lives in social housing, in a modest three…
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| 11/02/2020

Ensure all rental homes are safe and healthy

We, a broad collection of community, business, research and environment groups, have come together to call for the NSW Government to set strong minimum standards for rental homes. All rental…
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| 10/02/2020

Advice and advocacy for renters in every community

Tenant Advocates are hard at work all across NSW – making sure tenants know their rights, so we can keep on building good homes and communities. Here are some of the recent examples of the work…
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| 07/02/2020

Important info for bushfire affected tenants

We at the Tenants' Union are shocked and saddened by the unprecedented bushfire emergency of the last months. Some of you may have lost your rental accommodation to the fires or may have…
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| 06/02/2020

Partnering with Ngalaya First Nations lawyers

The Tenants' Union is proud to announce a new partnership with Ngalaya – the peak body for First Nations lawyers and law students in NSW. We will be collaborating on a number of projects.…
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| 30/01/2020

Working to support People With Disability Australia

The Tenants' Union is pleased to announce a new partnership with People with Disability Australia. We will be supporting PWDA's Disability Housing Advocacy Service, by providing legal…
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| 03/12/2019

A year to review

Yes, it has been four years since the Residential (Land Lease) Communities Act 2013 (RLLC Act) commenced and that means the statutory review is due next year. The Tenants’ Union has already…
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| 03/12/2019

Rental Bond Exit Survey launched

In NSW we know a lot about how tenancies begin – there are lots of statistics and articles on rents at the beginning. But there's very little on how tenancies end. No government body in…
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