| 14/05/2020

NSW Parliament passes extra emergency measures: what this means for renters

On Tuesday and Wednesday this week NSW Parliament considered a number of measures that might provide further support for NSW renters during the COVID-19 pandemic. While not all of the measures…
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| 12/05/2020

Further support needed for renters in NSW

The current COVID-19 health crisis has impacted everyone in our community. For many renters the challenge of losing a job and reduced household income, or other financial and health impact, has…
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| 11/05/2020

Rent Reduction Calculator

We are proud to make this calculator available to people in NSW looking at negotiating rents. It's an unfamiliar process for many people, and it can be tricky working out what you can…
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| 30/04/2020

Support for JobSeeker claimants

The Welfare Rights Centre has launched a campaign to let new JobSeeker claimants know that help and support are available. If you are struggling with a Centrelink decision about your JobSeeker…
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| 24/04/2020

Being evicted? Can you share your story or photo?

Although there is a moratorium on evictions in NSW, it won't stop all evictions for all renters. Now more than ever, it's important to share your story. If you are facing eviction and…
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| 15/04/2020

Are evictions stopped in NSW? Yes. But...

From Wednesday 15th April the NSW Evictions Moratorium came into effect. So there is a stop on evictions, at least for 60 days – but not on all evictions and not for all people. For more detail…
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| 13/04/2020

Clarity for renters as stop on evictions announced

The Tenants’ Union of NSW welcomes this morning’s announcement from the NSW Government confirming that protection for renters is on its way. We understand the package includes a temporary stop…
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| 09/04/2020

Tenants’ Union leadership – from strength to strength

The Tenants’ Union is pleased to announce Leo Patterson Ross as our new Chief Executive Officer. Leo has worked in housing and community development for almost two decades – including as a…
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| 06/04/2020

How the COVID-19 pandemic may impact land lease communities

There is no doubt we are living in strange and worrying times where everything is changing almost on a daily basis, including the law. The Tenants’ Union has had a number of enquiries from land…
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| 03/04/2020

Service NSW COVID19 Hotline

Service NSW has established a 24 hour/7 day a week hotline to support people and business operators throughout the COVID-19 pandemic with questions about support and government assistance, phone…
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| 30/03/2020

Evictions banned? Rent relief? – COVID19 update

An eviction moratorium has been announced, but not yet implemented. Renters need this urgently, along with a system where we aren’t saddled with massive debts. This crisis is a whole-of-…
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| 26/03/2020

Protect our communities: no evictions in a health crisis

We are community coalition made up of 70 people and organisations who work with renters and research housing problems. The COVID19 epidemic is a public health crisis that will be made worse by…
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