Evicted! Comedy about renting in Sydney




Evicted! A Modern Romance is a new comedy about renting in Sydney! The film won the audience award for best feature when it debuted at the 2022 Sydney Film Festival. The film follows a ragtag bunch of millennial housemates in Sydney who get evicted. Our heroes then have to navigate the hellish rental market in search of a new place to call home – all on top of job hunting, side hustling and dating.

Last week, the Tenants' Union and the Make Renting Fair campaign organised a special screening of the film, for friends and supporters. It was a great success! We watched the film together and then had a panel discussion with the film makers and other guests. As well as being hilarious and lots of fun, the film really captures our current cultural moment. It does a great job of skewering absurd rental crisis we find ourselves in – from unfair evictions to extreme rents for uninhabitable homes to the connections people have with their homes and the people they live with. The discussion afterwards dove into these issues with filmmakers Rowan, Sophie and actor Will joining Lehana and Leo from the Tenants' Union to discuss. We spoke about the things that would make a difference from the quality and availability of homes to the way tech has changed (and often not for the better!) the way we find and apply for homes, as well as answering questions on how the law currently is set up and what people can do if they face an eviction note.

If you're keen to see Evicted! check out their upcoming screening dates or follow them on their socials for the film or for Story Mill Studios. More screenings are being organised for Sydney and the filmmakers are setting up a tour across regional NSW - if you'd love to see the film come to your area, let them know! And you'd like to hear about future Tenants' Union and Make Renting Fair events, sign up to our newsletters.


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