Submission: Statutory Review of Strata Scheme Laws


Almost half of all residents in strata schemes are renters, and yet renters have little to no say on the way in which the building their home is in is managed and governed. People renting in strata should have the opportunity to be engaged in discussion and participate in decisions about their housing and various aspects of community living.

This submission focuses on the experiences of renters in strata schemes. We are pleased to provide this submission identifying key ways in which previous reforms to strata law can be built on, and additional opportunities built in to ensure renters in strata can contribute their perspective and experience to help improve and appropriately influence important aspects of community living that directly impact on their lives.

We particularly focus on:

  • Compensation and protections for vulnerable lot owners and renters during the strata renewal process collective; and
  • Tenant participation in strata governance, including by-laws, pets, and attendance and participation in strata committee meetings and decision-making processes.