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Simple, energy saving technologies are not only good for renters, they are good for the whole country and planet because they reduce the energy demand which is driving up domestic energy prices…
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Power Savers making gains

Sixty households in Coonamble have signed up to a community program to cut their electricity bills. The Coonamble Power Savers Program is an energy efficiency program in operation since July…
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Liveable homes, a liveable climate

The sun falling on Australia’s deserts in just four days could power the whole planet’s electricity needs for a year. That’s a win for the cost of energy in Australia and for the future of the…
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Home in a residential park

Electricity in land lease communities - it's complicated

Electricity in land lease communities is a complex issue governed by a range of laws, regulations and guidelines that overlap but do not always correspond, writes Julie Lee, Residential Parks…
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Solar panels and wind turbine in Sweden

Energy issues in Sweden

Peder Palmstierna, from the Swedish Union of Tenants (SUT) visited the Tenants’ Union in March this year and Paul van Reyk, our Senior Project Officer spoke with him about energy issues in…
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NEM overview graphic

The electricity system in NSW – an overview

Electricity is an essential service. It is easy to take it for granted that it will be available to power fridges and lights, heaters and hot water systems every single day, without interruption…
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Help for tenants experiencing problems with their energy or water provider

The Energy & Water Ombudsman NSW (EWON) assists consumers who are having problems with their energy or water provider. EWON is an independent body – we don’t advocate on behalf of consumers…
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A renters’ plan to save energy and money

As part of a special edition of Tenant News focused on the issues facing renters and energy bills, this article by Tenants' Union Advocacy and Research Officer Leo Patterson Ross looks at…
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Make Renting Fair

Make Renting Green by Making Renting Fair

Not being able to access energy efficient homes is just one way in which our unfair renting laws harm tenants. If tenants knew that they would be able to stay in their homes long term, they…
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St George community housing energy efficiency strategy

Clarissa and other tenants at St George Community Housing are benefiting from new energy efficient, affordable homes. From retrofits to new builds St George Community Housing (SGCH) is working…
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