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Vulnerable tenancies a growing issue despite COVID recovery

A woman, man and child, looking stressed, surrounded by moving boxes
Many vulnerable tenants were in crisis well before the pandemic and will continue to face personal crises into the future. A crisis should not have to make the world stage before our most vulnerable people have safeguards implemented.
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#MyRentedHome #MakeRentingFair social media week of action

#MyRentedHome #MakeRentingFair
We’re inviting all NSW renters to join the #MakeRentingFair #MyRentedHome social media week of action, in the week of Monday 4 April to Saturday 9 April. You are invited to share a photo on your favourite social media platform of something from your rented home, positive or negative, explaining what home means to you and what you want decision-makers to know about your rented home.
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Legal help for flood-affected communities

rain cloud
Our thoughts go out to the people, families and communities impacted by the flooding, storms, and dangerous rainfall across the state. Tenants Advice and Advocacy Services and Community Legal Centres are here to help.
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Beyond eviction: alternative approaches to respond to NSW renting households in crisis

A resilient housing system anticipates crisis
As we emerge from 2 years of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have the opportunity to evaluate and learn from our experiences during the health crisis and build a fairer NSW renting system that is better equipped to support people through crisis. This blog explores the need for a permanent hardship framework to be built into our tenancy laws.
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Wills and probate in land lease communities – Appeal Panel settles disputes

A home at surfrider caravan park
In a recent decision of the Appeal Panel the question of whether a home can be sold without a grant of probate has been answered. Probate is the name of a court order granted by the Supreme Court of NSW. Being granted probate confirms that the will is valid and the named executor (legal personal representative) has permission to distribute the estate of the deceased according to the provisions in the will.
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Disclosure in land lease communities – Tribunal clarifies duty

Lennox Head, NSW
The obligation on an operator to provide a disclosure statement in the approved form before entering into a site agreement is straightforward. The purpose of the obligation is also clear – to enable a prospective purchaser to make an informed choice about the community. Given the clarity of obligation and purpose, it is difficult to understand why disclosure is becoming a major source of dispute. Perhaps a recent Tribunal case involving Hometown Australia will provide some answers.
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The true cost of eviction

The cost of eviction, image of apartment block and letterbox with 'for lease' sign out front.
Our recent special report, Eviction, Hardship and the Housing Crisis, looks closely at the immediate and direct costs of moving. This blog explores the true costs of eviction, and asks what we can do to better discourage its unnecessary and disproportionate use.
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Tenants' Union of NSW publishes Special Report: Eviction, Hardship, and the Housing Crisis

Special Report front cover. Eviction, Hardship and the Housing Crisis. Image of apartment unit with 'for lease' sign out front.
A new Special Report published today by the Tenants’ Union of NSW, Eviction, Hardship and the Housing Crisis, asks us to take a new look at eviction. As we emerge from two years’ experience of directly responding to a health crisis, there is general discussion of what we have learned from Covid-19, and how we can ‘build back better’. The report hopes to intervene in this conversation, and provokes us to think again - and think harder - about how we can more effectively prevent eviction.
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Shifts in the balance of power – reflecting on 15 years of Tenant Advocacy

Amanda El Gazzar
Amanda El Gazzar has been a Tenant Advocate at the Northern Rivers Tenants Advice and Advocacy Service for 15 years. She is now taking a well-earned break and looking at other possibilities. We took the opportunity to catch up with her and ask her for some reflections on her experiences, and on the situation of renters in NSW. 
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Make Renting Fair - first organising meeting of 2022

Make Renting Fair
Come along to the first Make Renting Fair organising meeting for 2022 where we'll continue to map out what our Make Renting Fair campaign will be getting up to this year. Come and join the conversation, hear what we've got planned, give your input and ideas, and help build the first few Make Renting Fair actions this year.
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