Cost of living in NSW survey 2023



The NSW Council of Social Services (NCOSS) has launched their Cost of Living in NSW 2023 survey.



NCOSS logoThe Cost of Living in NSW project seeks to get a better understanding of the impact of cost-of-living changes on low-income households – including those living below the poverty line. 

In 2022, NCOSS regionalised the survey for the first time to provide statistically significant data to the SA4 level. This has enabled them to understand how different locations, as well as demographic groups, are being impacted. They also supplemented the survey data with focus groups, which gave a fuller picture of the struggles households are facing. Both the regionalised data and the focus groups have proven extremely useful in advocacy efforts.

For 2023, they will again use this approach, which will enable them to monitor year-on-year differences, particularly given the increasing cost-of-living challenges that have emerged since the last survey.

This year, NCOSS will also include a focus on multicultural communities who can experience higher rates of disadvantage and face other challenges when it comes to dealing with cost-of-living pressures. For the first time, the Cost of Living Survey has been translated into Vietnamese and Arabic. NCOSS will also be running focus groups with Arabic and Vietnamese speakers.




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