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Examining claims about the social objectives of estate renewal

Action for Public Housing protest against redevelopment of Glebe estates
As the NSW Government moves to implementing its decision to redevelop the Waterloo Estate, the social objectives claimed for the redevelopment and what is needed to deliver them becomes a focus. In this blog guest author Dr Alistair Sisson, an academic in the field examines the NSW government's claims about the social objectives of estate renewal. Thanks to redwatch for permission to re-publish.
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Citizens' Assemblies and renting policy: an avenue for fair rental reform?

Crowd of people - image from rawpixel.com on Freepik
Citizens Assemblies are being increasingly explored in other jurisdictions as an avenue to achieve fair and sensible legislative reform across a wide range of issues - including renting.

But what are they, and how could they be applied to improve renting here in NSW?
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Tenant Advocate’s perspective – An interview with Marcus Neil

We took the opportunity of a recent visit to Murra Mia Aboriginal Tenants Advice and Advocacy Service to interview Tenant Advocate Marcus Neil.
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Easy Read factsheets now available

Easy Read cover showing three people with arms raised
The Tenants’ Union is happy to announce that we have five new factsheets available in Easy Read. Easy Read is a way to present information for people with low literacy or learning disability.
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Supporting vulnerable tenants during a crisis 

Two people talking at a table
When the pandemic first hit Australia, COVID-19 did not discriminate, and we saw people of all walks of life impacted. The same now goes for the rising cost of living. It too does not discriminate, and we are all feeling the pinch.
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Join our board!

Tenants' Union of NSW logo
Join our board! The Tenants' Union is seeking expressions of interest from people who are passionate about our work supporting renters across the state.
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Landlords hiking rents: what can we do?

Rent Increase Negotiation Kit graphic with money and a mobile phone
Over the past year we have seen rents in NSW – and across Australia – increasing at a significant rate and by a significant amount. In this blog we look at what renters can do, including looking at the resources the Tenants' Union provides to help renters negotiate or challenge an excessive rent increase (spotlight on our new Rent Increase Negotiation Kit!). We also consider some broader solutions (the law reform needed) to help address skyrocketing rents.
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Job opportunity: Technology Coordinator

Tenants' Union of NSW logo
Use your tech skills and join the team working for housing justice in NSW! Our Technology Coordinator ensures vital services are delivered, and our technological capacity meets the needs of the staff and community.
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Embedded networks leaving renters disadvantaged

Close up of rusty mushroom electricity infrastructure in Residential Land Lease Communities
If you have never lived in an embedded network then many of you might be asking what this is and what does it have to do with renters? It's no surprise to the Tenants Union of NSW that a lot of people do not know about embedded networks. Often renters don't find out they are living in a home that is part of an embedded network until they move in. In this blog, Eloise runs through some of the key concerns and problems encountered by renters who receive their electricity through an embedded network.
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Pod off the press – Renting Bytes

audio wave
The Tenants’ Union plunged into the world of podcasting roughly 12 months ago. Alongside co-producers Legal Aid NSW we planned and launched 'Renting Matters', a podcast series aimed for community workers. 'Renting Matters' quickly became one of the most popular podcasts produced by Legal Aid. Now, as we wind up that series and publish our brand-new in-house podcast for renters, 'Renting Bytes', we take a moment to reflect on podcasting.
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