Submission: Changes to create low and mid-rise housing


In December 2023, NSW Department of Planning, Housing and Infrastructure released two key planning documents on the state-led housing reforms in late December 2023. This submission addressed the ‘Changes to create low and mid-rise housing’ proposals.

The Tenants' Union of NSW writes in general support of the reforms with some qualifications and comments. We know that density done well has a large benefit for cities and towns. Density done well supports greater protection of natural reserves, more livable cities, more effective and efficient transport. Building homes where people want to live supports a more equitable society. Density done poorly carries significant risks of unhealthy, unpleasant places to live. Insufficient attention to affordability, to foliage and heat and failing to utilise strong design principles. Density done poorly also does not ensure homes are built at a range of price points and configurations to meet the community needs.