Tenants' Union Annual Report 2015-2016 now online

Published on 23/11/2016


Tenants' Union Annual Report 2015-2016The Tenants' Union Annual Report for 2015-2016 is now online.

This year the TU celebrated four decades of working for tenants’ rights. An anniversary such as this is an opportunity to celebrate achievements, acknowledge the many contributors to the journey and take a clear-eyed view on what still needs to be done. Over those 40 years the TU has achieved real gains in legislative reform, educated and advised hundreds of thousands of tenants, established (and re-established) a network of tenant advice services, positively influenced government policy and actively contributed to the public discourse. You can read more about how we celebrated this milestone in the Annual Report.

The Annual Report summarises the TU's activity over 2015-2016 across all our service areas, including:

  • working to ensure the rights of tenants
  • conducting strategic litigation in the interests of tenants
  • giving tenancy advice, information and referrals
  • providing education sessions
  • developing resources for tenants and community workers

In our 41st year the TU has also taken our Annual Report fully online for the first time.

We are excited to take another step into the digital world – increasingly organisations and companies are recognising the benefits of a fully realised online presence and Annual Reports are part of that. The ability to embed links to further information about content and for online searchability are big pluses. It's also a further step in making the TU a more ecologically conscious and sustainable organisation, and also helps our budget bottom line.

The Annual Report can be viewed online or downloaded as a pdf.