Tenant Advocates working together to support renters


Tenant Advocates at the TAAS Network Meeting

Last week, Tenant Advocates came together for the Tenants’ Advice and Advocacy Services (TAAS) Network meeting. Around 60 Advocates participated in the meeting over two days, representing almost all TAASs from across New South Wales. Advocates meet regularly to discuss good practice and changes to renting law in NSW. This is how they ensure when you a call a TAAS you get the best advice and advocacy possible!

Topics of discussion included retaliatory evictions, bonds and repairs in social housing, strata law, and community legal education. The meeting welcomed a number of guest speakers, including Charlotte Steer of the Seniors Rights Service and Justin Abi-Daher of the Strata Collective Sales Advocacy Service at Marrickville Legal Centre.

Across NSW, there are 21 TAASs – including five specialist Aboriginal services. Some TAASs are auspiced by Community Legal Centres or other community service organisations, while other TAASs are stand-alone services. TAASs provide free, independent information, advice and advocacy to renters. TAASs assist all sorts of renters, including renters in private rental housing, social housing, boarding houses, and land lease communities. The services are funded under the NSW Fair Trading Tenants Advice and Advocacy Program, which uses money from the Rental Bond Board Interest Account and the Property Services Statutory Interest Account.

The next TAAS Network meeting will take place in the second half of 2018.



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