Illawarra and South Coast Tenants Service says: Make Renting Fair

Published on 07/09/2017

Warren Wheeler, Illawarra and South Coast Tenants Service team leader

Illawarra and South Coast Tenants Service team leader Warren Wheeler has appeareed in the Illawarra Mercury, calling for legislative changes to stop unfair evictions.

"A landlord will give a no-grounds notice, they don’t have to justify why they’re evicting the tenant, and as long as the notice is given correctly the Civil and Administrative Tribunal must terminate the tenancy.

"This can only be challenged if a landlord gives a notice in retaliation to a tenant asserting their rights, and even then the tribunal retains discretion."

Mr Wheeler pointed out that tenants were often reluctant to challenge retaliatory evictions, due to lack of resources and for other reasons. He proposed the legislation be reformed to include specific grounds for termination, to make renting fair.

"So if the landlord wants their property back to do renovations, or because they want to move in... There's no argument there that a landlord shouldn’t be able to get their property back for those reasons," he said. "We’re saying the onus should be on the landlord to prove that is the case. So if they say they’re going to renovate the property, then 'okay, show us the plans, show us when the tradies are booked'."