A 20 Year Vision for Housing - where are the renters?

Published on 10/08/2020

The TUNSW submission to the NSW Housing Strategy welcomes the NSW Government's commitment to developing NSW's first housing strategy.  A comprehensive, long term and whole of government plan is essential for developing secure, affordable, and liveable housing for everyone, including all renters. 

Our submission responds to the Government Discussion Paper and highlights some outstanding issues not considered in the document that must be acknowledged and addressed if the Strategy is to meet it's aims in relation to housing for all people in NSW.  Recognition of issues for the people renting their homes is crucial.  We outline key priorities for the 2,603,530 renters who make up 33.6% of NSW households.

Recommendations cover issues relating to providing:

  • Housing that is secure
  • Housing that is affordable
  • Housing that is liveable
  • Autonomy 
  • Advocacy and support 
  • Responsiveness to crises
  • Monitoring and accountability
  • Ongoing engagement and consultation

To view our submission click here.  To see the Government discussion paper click here