Tenants' Union supports event Homes for People, Not Profits: End the Housing Crisis


A woman holds a sign saying no evictions no demolitions with other protestors outside Sydney Town Hall
Activists and renters at the previous housing rally, photo: Jessica Flood

The Tenants' Union of NSW expresses its support for the Homes for People, Not Profits: End the Housing Crisis event on 17th June organised by Action for Public Housing and the Anti-Poverty Centre. We recognise the importance of renters and their supporters raising awareness of the issues facing them and having a spotlight shone on their experiences and their voices heard.

We hear every day from people who are seeking a safe, stable and affordable home but who are worried that their housing situation is most likely to get worse. NSW and Australia need a plan to ensure everyone can find and keep homes, and the plan needs to address both the acute housing crisis in the short-term and ensure that long-term system issues are also remedied. We want to ensure renting is recognised as an essential service which requires that both the availability of homes and the quality, stability and affordability of homes meets the needs of the community.

The Tenants' Union is an independent, non-partisan charity committed to working with the NSW Government and community members to ensure that renters have more stable, liveable and affordable homes.



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