Tenants' Union NSW welcomes extension of moratorium and an increased Residential Tenancy Support Payment


Eviction Moratorium extended, transitional protections to follow, and Residential Tenancy Support Payment increased to $4500

The Tenants' Union NSW welcomes the NSW Government's announcement the current eviction moratorium will continue until 11 November. This sits alongside an increase of an additional $1,500 to the available Residential Tenancy Support Payment, taking the available maximum payment to $4,500 to help reduce rents for struggling households as NSW's lockdown continues. Once the moratorium lifts, transitional protections will be put in place to ensure renters are able to negotiate a reasonable payment plan, and are protected from eviction for any debt built up during the moratorium period.

"The NSW Government's extension of the moratorium is a big relief for many renters who've been worried about their housing. The Tenants' Union NSW is glad to see these protections continue through lockdown while we're all required to 'stay home' and many renters aren't able to find or start back at work. The additional financial support and a continuing eviction moratorium are critical protections. We know these will help renters who've been hit hard by lockdown this time around" said CEO Leo Patterson Ross. 

The Tenants' Union remains concerned about landlords using 'no grounds' evictions to get around moratorium protections, and other impacted tenants who've felt forced to leave when their landlord hasn't responded or agreed to reduce rent. We are aware some landlords currently are failing to apply for the support package and pass this on as a rent reduction even where they have eligible tenants.

"The announcement of transitional protections to follow the moratorium period should make clear to landlords that if their tenant is impacted they will need to apply for the available support payment and apply this as a rent reduction. It's the right thing to do, but it's also a requirement of the 'good faith' negotiations they are being required to enter into through the transition stage". 

For more information about the announced extension and support payment, and how this might apply for you visit the Tenants' Union's Covid-19 Renting Guide. If you need free legal advice find contact details for your local Tenants' Advice and Advocacy Service.



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