NSW Peaks push for measures to support households struggling during current lockdown.


The Tenants Union of NSW, with the NSW Council of Social Services (NCOSS) and Homelessness NSW, have written to Premier Berejiklian and Treasurer Perrottet, asking them to ensure measures are in place to support the most vulnerable during the current lockdown.

“We really need to act fast and support those vulnerable groups during this extremely difficult time,” Ms Quilty said. “From income support and rent relief to prioritising the vaccine for those really vulnerable groups, there’s a lot that needs to be done by both Federal and State Government.”

Joanna Quilty, CEO, NSW Council of Social Services

We asked the NSW Government to reintroduce the eviction moratorium and financial support for renters to support people at risk of homelessness due to the latest COVID-19 outbreak, and to advocate for and work with the Federal Government to immediately reinstate JobSeeker and JobKeeper.

“It’s really important that the restriction on forcing people to move is seen as part of the health response. It is entirely avoidable. We can and should be preventing people from being evicted or made financially desperate and forced by that to move during lockdown.”

Leo Patterson Ross, CEO, Tenants’ Union of NSW




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