Legal help for flood-affected communities


Thank you to Community Legal Centres NSW for gathering the information and publishing the original version this article.

Our thoughts go out to the people, families and communities impacted by the flooding, storms, and dangerous rainfall across the state. Tenants Advice and Advocacy Services and Community Legal Centres are here to help.


Advice for renters

If you need renting advice, please contact your local Tenants Advice and Advocacy Service

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Sample letters:

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Advice for land lease community residents

If you need advice as a resident of a land lease community, please contact your local Tenants Advice and Advocacy Service – use the search bar above to find your local service. 

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Other sources of legal advice and help

Community legal centres

Community legal centres provide free and independent legal support. Community legal centres can help with the many legal problems disasters can cause, in addition to tenancy, which might include:

  • insurance claims
  • income and social security
  • credit and debt
  • family violence and family law
  • destroyed documents and wills
  • parenting arrangements

Use the Community Legal Centres NSW directory to find the details for community legal centres. 

    For people affected by flooding in the Northern Rivers, including Lismore:

    For people who need help with insurance:

    For women affected by natural disasters:

    For people who need help with Centrelink or social security issues:

    For small businesses, farms and other primary producers affected by floods or other climate disasters: 


    Law Access and Legal Aid 


    Other support and resources


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