Easy Read factsheets now available


easy read factsheet covers showing groups of people talking and with arms raised

The Tenants’ Union is happy to announce that we have five new factsheets available in Easy Read. Easy Read is a way to present information for people with low literacy or learning disability. Easy Read can also be useful for people who are not familiar with English if a language barrier exists and resources are not available in their preferred language, although Easy Read is not designed specifically for this purpose.
Information in Easy Read is written in plain English. It is presented in short sentences with pictures to make the information easier to understand. To develop these factsheets, the Tenants’ Union worked along with the Council for Intellectual Disability to ensure the information is both legally accurate and accessible. This involved taking quite complex legal language and presenting it in a straight-forward, easily understandable way.
The Easy Read factsheets cover these topics:

Our Easy Read resources are part of our commitment to ensuring tenancy information is available to all tenants, including people with intellectual disability or low literacy. We recognise that more work is needed in this area.
The home page for our Easy Read factsheets is:


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