Tenants' Union hopes newly appointed Rental Commissioner will elevate the conversation about renting in NSW


The Tenants’ Union of NSW congratulates and welcomes the newly appointed NSW Rental Commissioner Trina Jones. 

We’re seeing too many renters finding themselves in precarious positions. Many are doing what they can to lay low, hoping to avoid a rent increase or eviction notice. This is no way to live. 

The establishment of the Commissioner role acknowledges renters have not always been well served by government policy or regulatory structures over many decades. The rental sector is not performing optimally, and indeed is causing many people harm.

The work of the Rental Commissioner will be crucial in securing key reforms to the rental housing system in NSW. This includes through the immediate commencement of formal consultation on urgently needed reforms to end ‘no grounds’ evictions announced last Friday. ‘No grounds’ evictions exacerbate an imbalance in the relationship between renters and people who control access to housing. It also hampers the ability for any other rental reforms to have impact. The Commissioner has an important role to play in ensuring the reforms are effective at delivering homes renters can rely on - in particular making sure renters do not lose their home without clear and justified reasons.

Commissioner Jones, also steps in at a moment when escalating rents are placing significant pressure on renting households across NSW. They will need to step up to initiate a fresh and ambitious conversation about what is needed to more effectively address the problem of unaffordable rents and rent increases. 

“There are a number of models for putting in place fairer limits on rent prices that the Commissioner should consider and adapt for use in NSW. This is an area where the public discussion needs to be lifted and the Commissioner can lead the conversation.”

Leo Patterson Ross, CEO, Tenants’ Union of NSW

Addressing and removing the barriers renters face in accessing safe, secure, affordable housing requires concerted advocacy with decision makers, government agencies and the broader community. The Rental Commissioner must elevate the conversation we have about renting in NSW. This can only be achieved through strong collaboration and consultation with all stakeholders, while ensuring that renters’ voices and experiences remain at the forefront.

We look forward to working together with Commissioner Jones towards our shared goal of ensuring that all homes are good homes.



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