Happy anniversary, Residential Tenancies Act - part 4

Six years ago today the Residential Tenancies Act 2010 became part of the law of New South Wales.

Part of the deal was that it must be reviewed after five years, to see whether its policy objectives remain valid, and its terms remain appropriate.

This statutory review of the Act commenced in late October 2015, with NSW Fair Trading inviting interested parties to contribute via a public discussion paper. They received in excess of 200 submissions - many of them from tenants. We produced our own submission, and have discussed it quite a bit on the Brown Couch as well.
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State Budget 2016: extra duties for foreign purchasers

Announcements on new spending and policy are already finding their way out of Macquarie Street. One matter of some interest to tenants - and more than a few landlords, we bet - concerns changes to stamp duty payable by foreign purchasers.
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NSW Budget: Social Housing funding

The Government will officially hand down the budget today, but much that will be of interest to us on the Brown Couch has already been revealed.
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RLC submission to the Review of the Residential Tenancies Act

Redfern Legal Centre's logo - a stylised building graphic
It has been five years since the Residential Tenancies Act 2010 came into force and it is now due for its five year statutory review. In October 2015, NSW Fair Trading released a discussion paper and Redfern Legal Centre provided input to the review that focused on the following main areas (as well as comments on other areas).
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Artwork by Aboriginal Artist Pauline Coxon

Artwork by Aboriginal Artist Pauline Coxon
Aboriginal Artist Pauline Coxon used to be a Tenant Advocate, and in 2015 she created this brilliant painting about tenancy issues. The Tenants’ Union of NSW commissioned her to paint anything that inspired her about tenancy. We're so happy with the painting and the powerful messages it contains! Thanks Pauline. Read Pauline's explanation of the painting and check out her website.
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Terence faced damp and mould in public housing for years

Terence, a public housing tenant, in front of his house
Terence, Sydney public housing tenant
Terence is a tenant of Housing NSW. His property was riddled with damp and mould for years. This exacerbated his health problems and forced him to sleep in a recliner chair in lounge room rather than his bed.
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Insights from Jim Allen, Coordinator of Murra Mia Aboriginal Tenants' Service

Murra Mia tenant advocates
Murra Mia Tenant Advocates
“If we had walked together side by side as a country, walked together as equals, we would have developed in step with each other.” Jim Allen, Coordinator of Murra Mia Tenants' Advice and Advocacy Service, shares some insights based on his many years as a Tenant Advocate.
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