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'Welcome to the Gypsy life': New Year's pain for Opal Tower residents
The Sydney Morning Herald, 30 December 2018

Gladys Berejiklian vows 'full weight of the law' for any Opal Tower wrongdoing
The Sydney Morning Herald, 29 Decemebr 2018

Why 2018 was the year of the renter
Domain, 29 December 2019

Here's All The Good Things That Happened For Renters This Year
BuzzFeed News, 20 December 2018

Australian House Prices Are Falling. Here's What That Means For Your Rent
BuzzFeed News, 13 December 2018

People Shared Their Rental Horror Stories And I Need To Buy A House Right Now
BuzzFeed News, 12 December 2018

Tenants share horror stories as report exposes appalling living conditions
The New Daily, 5 December 2018

This Woman Won't Ask Her Landlord For Repairs Because She's Scared She'll Be Forced To Move Out
BuzzFeed News, 5 December 2018

Hobart is the least affordable Australian city for renters
SBS News, 29 November 2018

What Can You Do If Your Rental Is Smashed In A Storm?
10 Daily, 28 November 2018

Groundbreaking project to tackle housing affordability gets ACCC green-light
The New Daily, 23 November 2018

Your Complete Guide To Protecting Yourself Going Into A Sharehouse Situation
Pedestrian TV, 20 November 2018

The future of renting in Australia
RN Breakfast, 15 November 2018

14 Of The Craziest Rules Renters Have Been Given By Landlords
BuzzFeed News, 2 November 2018

Rental changes on way
Barrier Daily Truth, 30 October 2018

Your rights as a tenant with mould in your home
AM, 29 October 2018

Landlords not taking mould issues seriously despite grave illness, tenants claim
ABC News, 29 October 2018

Ever Had To Pay Two Bonds At Once? Now You Might Never Have To Again
BuzzFeed News, 27 October 2018

Sydney Renters Force into Overcrowding
2SER, 27 October 2018

Are the latest tenancy reforms in NSW a major cop out?
Triple J, 18 October 2018

This Woman Says She Was Evicted For Running A Nonexistent Clothes-Dyeing Business Out Of Her Home
BuzzFeed News, 3 October 2018

Internet access should be classified as an essential service in rentals, experts say
Domain. 3 October 2018

Calls to remove 'no-grounds evictions' from NSW rental laws
Illawarra Mercury, 27 September 2018

Rental Horror Stories To Be Stopped By New Tenant Laws
10 Daily. 25 September 2018

Renting With Pets: Your Rights As A Tenant In NSW
HIt, 25 September 2018

2SER Breakfast
25 September 2018

NSW rental reforms provide ‘no mechanism for change’
Domain, 22 September 2018

NSW renters set to see biggest shake-up of state’s rental laws
Domain, 20 September 2018

NSW Renters May Soon Be Able To Install Picture Hooks Without Calling The Landlord First
BuzzFeed News, 20 September 2018

‘We’ll get your rent on time’: Renters threatened with Rottweilers in real estate ad
The New Daily, 17 September 2018

Low-income earners could save hundreds on power bills under Senator Tim Storer’s plan
Domain, 11 September 2018

Telling renters to ‘get two jobs’ won’t solve Australia’s rental affordability crisis
The New Daily, 7 September 2018

The Landlord Didn't Care About This Guy's Mouldy House, Until He Tried To Move Out
BuzzFeed News, 7 September 2018

This Real Estate Boss Says Struggling Renters Should Just Get A Second Job
BuzzFeed News, 7 September 2018

Tenants unable to pay the rent should get two jobs or move to Adelaide or Perth, Real Estate Institute says
ABC News, 7 September 2018

Is Australia in a rental affordability crisis?
7.30 ABC, 6 September 2018

Renting: What are the facts?
ABC News, 6 September 2018

What Sydney's Airbnb hosts made last year
The Sydney Morning Herald, 5 September 2018

'Mean, suspicious': Policy speeds up eviction of 'problem' tenants
The Sydney Morning Herald, 17 August 2018

Living with mould: The 'tightrope walk' between landlords and tenants
ABC News, 15 August 2018

'I’ve had my pick of properties': Market easing for Melbourne renters
The Sydney Morning Herald, 12 August 2018

Rents are falling: Fiona's new home is bigger, better and cheaper
The Sydney Morning Herald, 12 August 2018

Landlords Pet Peeves: Renters To Get More Rights
10 Daily, 10 August 201

Razor's Edge: HILDA Survey
2SER, 2 August 2018

Proportion of Australian renters becoming homeowners takes a dive: HILDA survey
Domain, 31 July 2016

Sydney housing stress highest on record, as rental pressure hits
ABC News, 31 July 2018

Inner-west real estate agent convicted of stealing more than $210,000 in rental bonds
Domain, 24 July, 2018

Rental warning: Falling home ownership rates set to bite retirees
The New Daily, 24 July 2018

New parking space quotas in NSW creates two-tiered boarding house site market
Commercial Real Estate, 16 July 2018

What Renters Wish Their Landlords Knew
10 Daily, 14 July 2018

Letter in the mailbox that sets my heart racing
Sydney Morning Herald, 11 July, 2018

‘Looks to the future’: Airbnb welcomes NSW government’s announcement on short-term letting
Domain, 5 June 2018

Tenants Union claims Airbnb is twisting results of holiday letting report
Financial Review, 6 June 2018

Mum's the Word: Renting is no longer just for the short term
Daily Advertiser, 30 May 2018

Renters in Wagga live in constant uncertainty over whether they'll be ...
Daily Advertiser, 29 May 2018

Residential rental agreements in Australia falling behind rest of the ...
ABC Online, 28 May 2018

Rental mould battle: Woman falls ill after mushrooms appear on walls
9news.com.au, 27 May 2018

Opinion: Renters still face unacceptably poor conditions
Pearls and Irritations, 25  May 2018

Push to let tenants keep pets on rental properties
Triple M, 24 May 2018

No grounds evictions to remain after review of tenancy laws
The Sydney Morning Herald, 21st May 2018

Pet licence rental fees + stuttering reform of tenancy laws
ABC Radio Sydney, 21st May 2018

NSW Fair Trading investigates Meriton's $1100 per animal 'pet licence ...
Daily Telegraph, 20th May 2018

Doctors given new powers to help domestic violence victims break ...
Daily Telegraph, 20th May 2018

Rising rents spark concerns about house-sharing websites
The New Daily, 18th May 2018

‘It undermines all other rights’: Rental reforms futile if ‘no grounds’ evictions remain, experts warn
Domain, 16th May 2018

Problems with your rental? Here’s how to get your landlord to make repairs
Domain, 13th May 2018

Energy efficiency standards for rental homes
South Sydney Herald, 5th May 2018

Renting on National Wrap
ABC National Wrap, 29th April 2018

More than one-fifth of Australians in their mid 20s still live at home with ...
Domain, 26th April 2018

Rental market set to deteriorate as landlords switch to Airbnb
The New Daily-20 Apr. 2018

Tribunals can't fix interstate conflicts, High Court rules
The Australian, 18th April 2018

Renters in NSW lose $28.6m in bond money due to cleaning costs
NEWS.com.au, 13th April 2018

LIfe Matters: Are you ready: to share a house?
ABC Radio National, 10th April 2018

Black Mirror-style bond system set to revolutionise Australia's rental ...
Domain, 10th April 2018

Radical plan that could see the end to the $4bn of renters' cash tied up ...
NEWS.com.au, 5th April 2018

Renting and accommodation issues plaguing university students
2SER Breakfast, 27th March 2018

Eight people in a one-bed unit: International students living in 'squalor'
SBS News, 22nd March 2018

Renters to enter app bidding war
CityHub, 21st March 2018

OPINION: Renting in Australia is a sh*tshow – and real estate agents are the ringleaders
SBS The Feed, 21st March 2018

How to make sure your new housemate isn’t a dud (article) and radio
Triple J Hack, 20th March 2018

'You just take it': the students at the sharp end of Sydney's housing nightmare
The Guardian, 20th March 2018

Rental tenancy laws are bad news for many pets (and their owners)
The New Daily, 16th March 2018

Legal change needed to enforce renter's rights
The Wire, 16th March 2018

On the Money: Rental bonds
2SER, 15 March 2018

Despite insecurities and limited options, you can still make a rental property feel like home
Domain, 7th March 2018

Did you know you can be secretly blacklisted as a tenant?
ABC, 4th March 2018

How to negotiate with real estate agents and landlords to get the best deal on rent
Domain, 28 February 2018

Calls for rental bidding apps to be banned in NSW
The Guardian, 27 February 2018

Solar boom: New schemes may help renters get solar panels on their roof
ABC, 18 February 2018

Want to get your rental bond back? Here's what you need to know
Triple J Hack, 8 February 2018

Housing crisis: Record number of Australians now skipping meals to pay their mortgage
Sydney Morning Herald, 6 February 2018

Standing up to your landlord - and winning
ABC, 30 January 2018

Don't get caught short on rental bonds
Sydney Morning Herald, 30 January 2018

Do you know your rental rights? Take our quiz!
ABC, 15 January 2018

How to beat the competition and secure your dream rental
Domain, 6 January 2018


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