New housing news service launched


Read all about it! Check out our Housing News Digest …

For many years we've scanned newspapers and other media daily for articles on renting to make sure we knew what was going on in the world and what was affecting tenants both in NSW and all over. We brought together useful links to assist in our policy work and of course shared them with our colleagues and over social media. Legendary advocate Robert Mowbray started sharing these links by email with colleagues and others. This slowly turned to more and more people - and now we're opening it up to everyone (for free)!

Check out our first Housing News Digest for 2021 here!

So starting 4 January 2021, the Housing News Digest has an exciting new look and you can subscribe now. It will be sent out twice each week (at 10am on Monday and Thursday) and contain our pick of housing news items. We won't always agree with their content - but we think they're worth reading. You can subscribe to the Digest here.

We also keep the complete archive of the articles in the digest - and some bonus extras! - here. There is a search facility which will allow you to catch up with articles in the media that you may find informative and helpful as a researcher, a student or just someone really interested in housing and tenancy!




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