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Tales from the Tribunal

The NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT) hears disputes between land lease community operators and residents. Decisions that NCAT makes about disputes are not binding on other NCAT Members who hear similar disputes but they can provide guidance so it is useful to know what NCAT has decided about a particular issue.
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What is the Residential Parks Forum?

Rod and Margaret Nicoll – members of the Residential Parks Forum 
The Residential Parks Forum brings together advocates and lawyers from across NSW to share information and advocate for improvements to the rights of land lease community residents.
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Tara Steers: Tenant Advocate in South West NSW

Tara Steers is a Tenant Advocate in Albury. Up until the commencement of the Act in 2015 Tara had limited experience with land lease community residents but after accompanying the Tenants’ Union on a road trip, visiting communities along the Murray River, she developed a passion for the work. Tara is now highly regarded by land lease community residents in the area and her services are constantly in demand.
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Hastings Point Holiday Park: Closure

Beryl Anderson, Paul Smyth, and Judy Tucker at the final Tribunal hearing 
Hastings Point Holiday Park was once a thriving residential park nestled between the Tweed Coast Road and Cudgera Creek. That changed in 2006 when the park owner discussed gradual closure and redevelopment of the park to a luxury retirement living complex. The park owner held meetings with the residents and made promises about their future in return for their support for the development application. None of these eventuated. Instead, home owners had their agreements terminated and, in order to win reasonable compensation, they would have to fight seven lots of proceedings in six courts and tribunals over a period of five years. Here is their story.
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Electricity in land lease communities - it's complicated

Home in a residential park
Electricity in land lease communities is a complex issue governed by a range of laws, regulations and guidelines that overlap but do not always correspond, writes Julie Lee, Residential Parks Officer with the Tenants’ Union of NSW.
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Out now! Outasite issue 3

Outasite 2017 cover
Outasite issue 3 is hot off the presses and finding its way into mailboxes in land lease communities all over NSW. this issue contains articles including: Park closure; Tara Steers - Tenants Advocate; Residential Parks Forum; Tales from the Tribunal; Site maintenance; Community rules; Ron McLachlan - Resident Advocate; NSW Fair Trading dispute resolution services; Benefits of assignment; Site fee increases; Resident committees; Electricity problems.
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Which agreement?

People who live in residential land lease communities do so under an agreement or contract. The Tenants’ Union and Tenants Advice and Advocacy Services are frequently asked questions about agreements. Since the laws changed in 2015 the number and variety of questions have increased. In this article we discuss the types of agreements used in land lease communities and how the laws apply to those agreements.
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You can't do that! Operator Conduct in Land Lease Communities

The Tenants’ Union regularly hears complaints from land lease community residents about the behaviour of operators. During the review of the Residential Parks Act 1998 the behaviour of park managers and owners was also a common theme. Many operators do the right thing but when an operator behaves badly residents can take action. The Residential (Land Lease) Communities Act 2013 (the Act) contains a number of provisions around operator behaviour, including Rules of Conduct. In this issue of Outasite Lite we will take a closer look at these provisions.
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