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CColourful heart motif on cafe window with text Together We Stand underneathOVID-19 Update

When we last published Outasite Lite at the beginning of April the COVID-19 pandemic was in its early stages and the NSW Government had just issued the first Public Health Order restricting the gathering and movement of people. In May and June those restrictions were eased slightly and from 1 July they will be eased further.

In land lease communities the restrictions meant community facilities had to be closed and social activities cancelled. Some operators removed staff completely and required all contact to be through email or phone and all payments to be made electronically.

The Tenants’ Union is aware that some operators have approached the COVID-19 issue with sensitivity. They have kept home owners informed and maintained normal services as far as possible. We acknowledge and applaud those operators who have decided not to increase site fees this year. We also acknowledge those operators who have postponed increases to a later date.

We note with disappointment that some operators adopted a business as usual attitude and increased site fees as scheduled despite the reduction in facilities and the possibility that home owners may be experiencing a reduction in income. We encourage home owners who are able, to challenge these increases as excessive given the prospect there has been no increase, or even a decrease in operating costs.

Moving forward

From 1 July all community facilities should be open again but numbers in community centres, halls and swimming pools will be limited to one person per 4 square metres. Organised events such as social activities cannot have more than 20 participants and it is a good idea to develop a COVID-19 safety plan for the premises (in some cases this is required).

Caravan parks can open fully with no limit on the number of tourists allowed on the grounds. However, all premises within the caravan park must have a COVID-19 safety plan in place.

Home owners can now have up to 20 visitors to their home but caution should still be exercised, particularly where a member of the household is a vulnerable person.

And outside the community, places of worship, galleries and museums, cafes and restaurants, pubs and clubs are all open with restrictions.

For full details of restrictions and requirements go to the website

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Website upgrade

Our website for land lease community residents, the is currently undergoing a revamp and the new-look site will be launched in a couple of months.

The noticeboard contains lots of information about land lease community law, how local government regulations apply to land lease communities, the work of the Tenants’ Union and all current and past issues of Outasite and Outasite Lite.

More details about the new site will be available in Outasite magazine.


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