By Paul Smyth, Land Lease Communities Solicitor at the Tenants’ Union of NSW

The Tenants’ Union of NSW and the Residential Communities Forum members were saddened to learn of the deaths of Pam Meatheringham and Don Rose in November 2023.


Pam Meatheringham


Pam was a resident at The Sanctuary, a Hometown Australia Community at Kalaroo Road in Redhead Beach just south of Newcastle. Pam was a member for many years of the Residential Communities Forum (previously called the Park & Village Service, or PAVS, Residential Parks Forum).


Pam was a tireless and an experienced advocate for residents before the Tribunal in the Hunter area and she had many notable successes on challenging excessive site fee increases by land lease community operators andeven resisting a termination notice from her then operator Gateway Lifestyle. Pam enjoyed maintaining her garden at the Sanctuary. However, while hip replacement surgery in later years meant having to get around with the aid of a walker or walking stick Pam was not curtailed in her advocacy on behalf of residents. In August 2020 Pam received a Community Recognition Statement from her local State MP in the NSW Parliament.

Friend and resident advocate Anne Davy said, “I know Pam worked closely with the Tenants’ Union and the Hunter TAAS in Newcastle for more than 15 years for The Sanctuary residents and those of other surrounding villages. I assisted Pam at many Tribunal hearings and I admired her greatly. She represented the residents at mediation with the Sanctuary Operator in 2023 despite being in hospital only a few days before. This advocacy resulted in a $3 per week decrease in site fees. A fighter till the end. She will be sadly missed by many of the older residents in the Sanctuary and other villages."

Don Rose


Don was a member of ARPRA Illawarra and he also was a significant contributor to the Residential Communities Forum, convened by the Tenants’ Union of NSW. Don is remembered as a genuinely lovely man who had a very caring attitude. Don advised and advocated on behalf of residents in his community at Wollongong Surf Leisure Resort and beyond.

Forum member Greg Skinner said “Don was a true gentleman. My life was made better and brighter for knowing Don.”

Don died peacefully at his home with his wife Jeanette and family by his side which is what he had wished for.



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