Community recognition for resident advocate


Pam Meatheringham, The Sanctuary, Redhead

Resident Advocate and Residential Land Lease Communities Forum Member Pam Meatheringham was recognised by Jodie Harrison, Member for Charlestown, in the NSW Parliament on 4 August 2020. 

In the Community Recognition Statement Ms Jodie Harrison said “I recognise Mrs Pam Meatheringham, a hardworking local of the Charlestown electorate. Pam lives at The Sanctuary in Redhead and has been a tireless land lease community advocate for the residents. Pam serves as secretary and treasurer of the Residential Parks Homeowners Association NSW and works with three other land lease parks in the local area.

"Pam has represented residents faced with eviction and she works closely with the Tenants’ Union of New South Wales in Newcastle and Sydney. Pam was commended to me by Anne Davy, who tells me that Pam has served as an advocate for about 12 years and has argued many times before the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal. In a time of growing housing uncertainty, Pam’s advocacy for tenants is increasingly important.

"Pam is passionate about residents’ rights and I thank her for her hard work. Pam, is one of many in the Charlestown electorate who work to improve our area. In acting to support the more vulnerable members of her community, Pam has demonstrated extraordinary spirit that makes me so proud to be the member for Charlestown.”

Congratulations to Pam from everyone at the Tenants' Union and members of the Residential Land Lease Communities Forum. The recognition is well deserved.


This article was published in Outasite Lite 38.