Briefing: Tenants Advice and Advocacy Program Funding


This briefing paper examines the funding needs of the Tenants' Advice and Advocacy Program in relation to meeting increased community needs.

The Tenants’ Advice and Advocacy Program is administered by NSW Fair Trading and is funded by the Rental Bond Interest Account with a matched contribution from the Property Services Interest Account. Funding of the program assists NSW Fair Trading in meeting the objectives of promoting fairness in the marketplace and ensuring consumer protection.

Tenants’ Advice and Advocacy Services assist renters understand their rights and obligations so they can make better and more informed decisions and prevent the escalation of matters in the future. They prevent homelessness and other negative outcomes, reduce unnecessary legal conflict and assist in the swift resolution of necessary legal disputes.


In order to meet community need for advice and advocacy for renters, increase funding to the NSW Tenants’ Advice and Advocacy Program to bring total funding to $19.87m-$24.78m per annum. This represents an increase between 30.36%-62.53%, $4.63m-$9.53m per annum to restore the funding gap.