We're back!

Members of the TU parks team sitting on a red couch
The Residential Parks Team, from left: Paul Smyth, Jemima Mowbray, Julie Lee and Glyn Mather.

Welcome to the new look Outasite Lite. So much has happened in the world of residential parks since issue 14 was published in December 2013.

As most of you will be aware the Park and Village Service (PAVS) is no longer funded as part of the Tenants Advice and Advocacy Program. Instead, the Tenants’ Union of NSW (TU) now receives some funding to provide information to park residents.

The TU parks team has a mix of experience and new faces. Paul Smyth (Residential Parks Legal Officer) has been in position for over four years. Julie Lee (Residential Parks Worker) was the Resource and Information Worker at PAVS for two and a half years before joining the TU in January this year. Jemima Mowbray (Residential Parks Support Worker) is experienced in general tenancy but is new to parks and Glyn Mather (Residential Parks Project Officer) is also new to parks but brings a wealth of community and project management experience to the team.

The parks team has been very busy this year working on new resources and picking up some of the previous operations of PAVS, for example, the NSW Residential Parks Forum. Paul has been very busy with matters in the Tribunal, the Supreme Court and the Land and Environment Court.

The Tenants’ Union and the Combined Pensioners and Superannuants Association of NSW (CPSA), the previous auspice of PAVS, have reached an agreement that enables the TU to publish both Outasite and Outasite Lite.

The Tenants’ Union would like to acknowledge the valuable work of PAVS and CPSA in establishing these publications and for putting out so many great issues over the years. The TU will continue the flow of independent information to park residents through Outasite and Outasite Lite and we hope you will come with us on our journey.

The Residential (Land Lease) Communities Act 2013

The Residential (Land Lease) Communities Act 2013 was scheduled to commence on 1 July 2014 and while it’s still possible, it now looks unlikely.

There have been two recent changes of Minister in the Fair Trading portfolio and it’s our understanding that the regulations haven’t yet been finalised.

The Tenants’ Union (TU) met with the then Minister for Fair Trading Stuart Ayres on 30 April 2014 and he advised that the Regulations would be available for public consultation in late May/early June 2014. Minister Ayres confirmed that there would be full consultation on the Regulations.

The TU has since met with the new Minister, the Hon. Mathew Mason-Cox and he continued the commitment to keeping the TU informed on the progress of the Regulations.

Select Committee on Social, Public and Affordable Housing

This Inquiry is a Legislative Council inquiry conducted by the Social, Public and Affordable Housing Committee. This Select Committee was established on 13 November 2013 to inquire into and report on demand for social, public and affordable housing in NSW.

The Inquiry Terms of Reference include at (f) “the role of residential parks”.

The Committee received 247 submissions with a small number of these being from park residents groups including Port Stephens Park Residents Association, Karalta Road Park Home Owners Inc. and the Independent Park Residents Action Group (IPRAG). IPRAG has also been invited to present evidence to the Select Committee. The final report from the Inquiry is due on 9 September 2014.


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