Tenants' Union Staff


Julie Foreman


Julie Foreman – Executive Officer
Julie has worked in the areas of Human Rights, Community Education and Community Management for over 25 years. She has tertiary qualifications in the social sciences, adult and community education and community management.






Martin Bangs


Martin Bangs – Finance Officer
Martin started with the TU in September 2014. His career started in the accounting profession and from there has worked extensively in the commercial and not-for-profit worlds. He has a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of NSW


Anne Coates


Anne Coates – Administration Officer
Anne joined the TU at the beginning of 2013. She has over a decade experience in administrative roles for not-for-profit organisations. Anne holds a Bachelor of Business and two Masters degrees. As a tenant herself, Anne is also a proud member of the TU.



Paulina Monforte – Administration Officer
Paulina joined the TU in August 2018. She has over 10 years of experience in campaigning, organising and administrative work. She has a Masters degree in Activism and Social Change from the University of Leeds, UK. Australia is the 47th country she has been in; she is a tenant in Sydney.


Dylan Stanford


Dylan Stanford – Administration Assistant
Dylan has a Bachelor of Arts/Law from the University of Wollongong. Dylan has worked in the legal sector in a variety of paralegal and administrative roles prior to joining the Tenants' Union in 2015.






Grant Arbuthnot


Grant Arbuthnot – Principal Legal Officer
Grant worked for the TU for two years in the 1990s and rejoined in 2002. Grant has a Bachelor of Arts from Sydney University and a Diploma of Law from the Legal Practitioners Admissions Board of NSW. Previously, Grant has worked as a marine engineer, laboratory technician, registry clerk, tenants advocate and Tribunal legal officer.


John Mewburn


John Mewburn – Aboriginal Paralegal
John started at the TU in 2013. He is currently studying a Bachelor of Arts/Law at the University of NSW.



Paul Smyth


Paul Smyth – Residential Parks Legal Officer
Paul Smyth joined the TU in 2010. Paul previously worked in private legal practice for over ten years in both the Republic of Ireland and in NSW. Paul has a Master of Laws from Queens University Belfast, Northern Ireland and Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Arts degrees from the National University of Ireland, Galway.


Cass Wong


Cass Wong – Litigation Solicitor
Cass started at the TU in 2013. She was previously a member of the TU Board. She has a Master of Laws and a Bachelor of Law/Commerce from the University of NSW.






Leo Patterson Ross


Leo Patterson Ross – Senior Policy Officer
Leo has worked in housing justice and community development since graduating as a Social Worker in 2006. He has spent more than a decade assisting renters, their advocates and the broader public understand and navigate the NSW housing system.


Michael Darcy


Michael Darcy – Community Housing Project Officer
Michael commenced with the Tenants' Union in 2018 after a long career as an urban studies academic at Western Sydney University, where he published widely on issues affecting social housing tenants. Most recently he worked with a small NGO in Tanzania focussed on human rights concerns linked to mining such as land rights, displacement, environmental and gender issues.



Elizabeth De Freitas – Advocacy and Research Officer
Elizabeth has over 10 years experience as a tenant advocate including extensive Tribunal experience. She formerly worked at Eastern Area Tenants Service.


Jemima Mowbray


Jemima Mowbray – Policy and Campaigns Officer
Jemima joined the TU in 2014. Working initially in the Residential Parks team, she moved to TU policy in 2016. She has extensive research experience in the university sector working on projects around politics of multiculturalism, community and identity. Jemima has a BA and PhD from Sydney University. She's passionate about housing justice, is a long term renter and imagines she'll be renting for life.


Robert Mowbray


Dr. Robert Mowbray – Older Persons Project Officer
Robert’s involvement in tenancy extends over 40 years. He was the TU's first Secretary in 1976 and awarded Life Membership in 1996. He received the Law & Justice Foundation Justice Medal in 2004. Robert is a social worker with two postgraduate qualifications in housing from the University of Sydney. He now has a focus on older renters.



Education and Resources


Paul van Reyk


Paul van Reyk – Senior Resources and Projects Officer
Paul joined the TU in 2014. Paul has been active in the housing and homelessness sectors in a range of jobs and as a private consultant for over 30 years. Paul has a Bachelor of Social Studies from the University of Sydney.


Patrycja Arvidssen


Patrycja Arvidssen – Learning and Development Coordinator
Patrycja has worked in a number of roles at the TU since 2007. Patrycja is a deeply committed member of the TU team who is passionate about adult education. She has a Bachelor of Arts and a Masters in Slavic Philology as well as 40110 Cert IV in Training and Assessment.


Anushke Guneratne


Anushke Guneratne – Strategic IT Officer
Anushke joined the TU in 2015. He is a tenant with a young family. He has been involved in many non-profits in IT-related capacities in Sri Lanka and the United States. He currently holds a BSc in IT and an MS in Science, Technology and Environmental Policy.



Jeremy Kerbel


Jeremy Kerbel – Resource Development Officer
Jeremy started with the TU in 2013 and has worked in communications, research and campaigning in the non-profit sector for 15 years. He has a Bachelor of Communications (Hons) from the University of Technology Sydney, and a Diploma of Graphic Design from Enmore Design Centre. He's a tenant in the Blue Mountains.



Residential Parks


Julie Lee


Julie Lee – Residential Parks Officer
Julie has worked in the housing field in the UK and Australia for almost 30 years. In Australia Julie was a Tenant Advocate and coordinator of a Tenants Advice and Advocacy Service before she began specialising in residential parks work in 2011. Julie joined the TU in 2014.