Rent Tracker Research Project

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The Tenants' Union Rent Tracker Research Project aims to give tenants, researchers, journalists, and others a clear way to understand rent movements in NSW. Our tools use data published by NSW Fair Trading and are updated monthly or as often as the data is made available.

If you have feedback on Rent Tracker, or need help using it, please contact the Tenants’ Union.

If you are a renter in need of tenancy advice, please contact your local Tenants Advice and Advocacy Service.


Tools for renters

  • Rent Increase Negotiation Kit
    Our Rent Increase Negotiation Kit brings together a range of resources to help tenants negotiate with the landlord or agent about a proposed rent increase. You can put your postcode into the Letter Generator and download a personalised letter and data summary.

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  • Rent Tracker Postcode Tool
    Use this tool to find rent data by postcode. It may be useful if you're moving to a new area or comparing rents in different areas.

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Further Research Tools

  • Rent Tracker Area Tool
    Explore how the price and supply of rentals has changed across all Sydney districts and NSW regional areas.

  • Bond Loss Tracker
    Explore the risk and severity of bond loss across all NSW Local Government Areas

  • State of the Renters NSW
    Explore statistics about renting across all NSW Local Government Areas or state electorates




Historical PDF snapshots



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