Postcode Tool Methodolgy Note

The postcode tool takes the Rental Bond Board data released on

We have not 'cleaned' the data further than that published on the site above. There may be some bonds lodged which have not had rents accurately described, or have a null value in one or more fields. This will not cause significant statistical issues in areas with large numbers of bonds being lodged, but may in areas with small numbers of bonds. 

For the initial median rent value we have grouped the most recent 3 months worth of lodged bonds. This is more than is necessary for more densely populated areas, but allows less densely populated areas can generally still allow meaningful analysis. Users can adjust parameters of dates to receive. The rent over time chart always shows values by month.

Bonds that are reported without a rent value have not been included in analysis of rents, but are included in the count of all bonds lodged in an area.


The bond data is published with postcodes identified. For our regions measure we started by grouping postcodes to broadly align with ABS SA4 areas. Comparisons to SA4 should be done with caution. For Sydney, the SA4 regions are further reduced to give useful indications of populations as per the map below.