Utilities hardship research

Published on 06/04/2018

House lit by candlesComing home to a house with no power or living with fear of not being able to afford power bills is something no one should have to do. But with rising costs it's something we hear of more and more.

To better understand this issue, our friends at Public Interest Advocacy Centre are doing research looking at how people cope with their energy and water bills and the circumstances that may lead to people being disconnected, either now or in the future.

This survey is for people living in NSW who, in the last 12 months, have:
-been disconnected from their electricity, gas or water
-have received a notice of disconnection of electricity, gas or water
-are seriously worried about being disconnected from their electricity, gas or water and had to make sacrifices to make sure the debt was paid

Update: The survey closed on April 19th. We will report back on their findings soon!



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