Research into housing for younger people

Published on 16/04/2018

Swinburne university logoAre you living at home, sharing or renting on your housing? Are you aged between 18-35 years? Help make a difference for better housing choices.

Have your say on the type of housing young people want to live in today & in the future and receive a $50 Coles/Myer voucher for your time.

Dr Sharon Parkinson at Swinburne University is conducting this research and is looking to do a phone interview with you. She writes:

Gaining access to rental housing or purchasing a home is becoming more difficult for young people as housing becomes less affordable. Despite this constraint, many young people are likely to aspire to the same housing opportunities achieved by the generation before them.

Current government policies aiming to assist young people to meet their housing goals or aspirations are becoming less effective. This research is seeking to find out what young people want from their housing in the short, medium and longer-term in the context of changing housing market opportunities.

It is hoping to understand what kinds of trade offs that young people have had to make in order to access housing that they can afford to live in, what types of new housing and investment practices are emerging and as well as alternative housing pathways that might be supported in the future.

The research is part of a large National Inquiry funded by the Australian Urban and Housing Research Institute. The Institute plays an important role in researching housing issues faced by the community with the aim of improving the housing assistance policies of government”.

For more information to participate in a phone interview, please contact Dr Sharon Parkinson at Swinburne University on or on (03) 9214 8404.

All participant comments will remain anonymous and confidential. Ethics approved SHR Project 2017/203.



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