A Compact for Renewal: What tenants want from Renewal

Respect for tenants, acknowledgment that renewal has damaging and disruptive impacts, that impacts will be mitigated and minimised, a commitment to real engagement, and that tenants receive a fair share of the benefits of renewal. These are the Principles for a proposed Compact for Renewal between agencies undertaking urban renewal and social housing tenants affected by renewal. 

The Compact is the result consultations with social housing tenants under a project carried out by Shelter NSW, Tenants’ Union of NSW and the City Futures Research Centre at UNSW.

The next stage in the project is to present these findings to renewal agencies in NSW, including Government and community sector agencies and seek their feedback on the extent to which those agencies believe they can deliver what tenants want. Subject to the willingness of agencies to engage with the project, the project partners will seek to negotiate a set of ground rules by which agencies agree to manage renewal projects in social housing areas.

You can read the Compact here.

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Compact for Renewal Project: what tenants want from social housing renewal