Strong and dynamic organisation 2017-2018

The Tenants’ Union continues to build a strong and dynamic organisation capable of providing high quality services and advocating effectively in the interests of tenants at a systemic level.

Over the past year we have continued strengthening our organisation through:

  • Effective governance by a well-informed Board, who met seven times during the year. A skills audit conducted in August resulted in recruitment of two new members and a facilitated review day was held in January 2018
  • Financial solvency & risk management, including seven meetings of the Board Finance Committee
  • Reviewing and updating our polices and procedures in the light of changes to laws, regulations and best practice in the not-for-profit sector
  • Regular performance monitoring of the organisation as a whole, and of staff at monthly supervision
  • Staff professional development and support through training, facilitated discussions, attendance at conferences and the Get Healthy at Work program
  • Cultural safety for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff and clients
  • Commitment to diversity in the workplace across board, staff and volunteers, ensuring that our services are accessible by tenants from diverse backgrounds
  • Support for campaigns, including Stand By Me, Bring Them Here, and We Live Here
  • Engagement with the broader sector and stakeholders, through activities including the Make Renting Fair Campaign, co-hosted events with Shelter NSW and CLCNSW steering committees
  • Engagement with academic research at Macquarie University, Sydney University, University of Queensland, University of NSW and University of Wollongong
  • Provision of information, liaison and meetings with media and politicians.
TU staff at our annual Staff Reflection Day.
Tenants' Union staff at our annual Staff Reflection Day. The artwork behind staff is Flying Fox Story Place created by Alair Pambergan.


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