Acknowledgements 2017-2018

The Tenants’ Union would like to thank our many supporters, donors and community partners who contribute to make our work possible.

We acknowledge the crucial work of the Tenants’ Advice and Advocacy Services who continue to provide frontline advice and advocacy to tenants in NSW, even though their funding continues to shrink in real terms. Our work in law and policy reform and resource development is dependent on their experience and insight.

Our colleagues in Dtarawarra, the Aboriginal Resource Unit, continue to give us valuable guidance in our work with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander tenants and services.

We particularly acknowledge the funding provided by the NSW State Government, the Commonwealth Government, the Law and Justice Foundation, and the continued support of Community Legal Centres NSW.

We value our members who continue to support our work and contribute their knowledge and experiences.

Finally, we acknowledge and thank the many individuals and partner organisations who have provided advice, support, expertise and labour over the past year.

Our Volunteers

Advice Line

  • Daniel Arbiv
  • Shaista Bano
  • Soorim Cha
  • Isolde Daniell
  • Hugh Griffiths
  • David Hu
  • Merrilyn Kennedy
  • Joanne Knight
  • Daniela Marchetta
  • Mary Masias
  • Isabel Mellor
  • Jeremy Mills-Sheehy
  • Pedram Mohseni
  • Chanelle Marie Nader
  • Samir Pokharel
  • Beheshta Wasseh

Publication distribution

  • Carol Barr
  • Vivian Clifton

Practical Legal Training Placements

  • Daniela Marchetta


  • Chloe Schumacher


  • Henare Degan
  • Tasneem Winkler
  • Nicholas Melas
  • Lucy Tran

Standing Advisory Groups

Aboriginal Advisory Committee

  • Zachary Armytage, CLCNSW
  • Michelle Craig, Dtarawarra, Aboriginal Resource Unit
  • Ruth Simon, Dtarawarra, Aboriginal Resource Unit
  • Danielle Hobday, Public Interest Advocacy Centre
  • Brett Webb, Northern NSW Aboriginal Tenants’ Advice and Advocacy Service
  • Emma Langton, Solicitor, Aboriginal Services Branch, Legal Aid NSW
  • Jamie Love, Western Aboriginal Advice and Advocacy Service
  • Gemma McKinnon, UNSW
  • Charmaigne Weldon, Sydney Womens Domestic Violence Court Advocacy Service

Residential Parks Forum

  • Graham Byrne
  • Jill Edmonds
  • Amanda Elgazar
  • Dianna Evans
  • Ian Finlayson
  • Sandy Gilbert
  • Len Hogg
  • John MacKenzie
  • Margaret Nicoll
  • Jock Plimmer
  • Mary Preston
  • Franya Repolusk
  • Noleen Robinson
  • Don Rose
  • Barry Sanders
  • Trevor Sullivan
  • Charles Dalgleish
  • Emma McGuire
  • Mary Flowers
  • John Moffitt
  • Peter Reberger
  • Lisa Ashby
  • David Dodge

Certificate IV in Community Services Assessors

  • Julie Lee
  • Julie Foreman
  • Patrycja Arvidssen
  • Chris Maybin, South West NSW TAAS
  • Eloise Parrab, Inner West TAAS
  • Brett Webb, Northern Aboriginal TAAS
  • Linda Grady, New England and Western NSW TAAS

Multicultural Educators

  • Helen Li
  • George Georges  
  • Minh Hoang  
  • Christine Ahn

Make Renting Fair working group

  • Sarah Wilson, Shelter NSW
  • Chris Hartley, Homelessness New South Wales
  • Stafford Sanders, Uniting Social Justice Forum
  • Paul Adabie, Newtown Neighbourhood Centre
  • Mark Riboldi, CLCNSW
  • Julia Murray, Inner West TAAS
  • Grace Crowley Shaw, Eastern Area TAAS


  • Mariette Mikhael, Project Coordinator, Ethnic Communities’ Council of NSW
  • Sue Cripps, SC Consulting Group
  • Mauro Di Nicola
  • David Evans
  • Jane Kenny, Law and Justice Foundation
  • Dr Chris Martin, City Futures Research Centre, UNSW
  • Professor Alan Morris, Institute for Public Policy and Governance, UTS
  • Dr Emma Power, WSU
  • Philippa Scarf, Legal Information Access Centre
  • Lee Watson, Fair Trading
  • Matthew Whitton, Fair Trading
  • Ross Nicholas, Costs Plus PtyLtd
  • Jeremy Rutledge Assett Advisory
  • Philip Wykeham, Legal Aid
  • Michael Snape, Legal Aid
  • Karen Walsh, Shelter NSW
  • Katherine McKernan, Homelessness NSW
  • Penny Howard
  • Claire Gerson
  • Richard Bailey
  • Lauren Banner
  • Hanna Torsh
  • Liana Levine
  • Philippa Barr
  • Nicole Griffin
  • David Dodge
  • Elizabeth and Michael Hood
  • Marny Hilson, Community and Public Sector Union
  • Margaret Reckless
  • Sarah Ludowici, Public Interest Advocacy Centre
  • Margaret Barnes, TQ
  • Charlotte Steer, Seniors Rights Service
  • Sarah Nielsen
  • Olivia Nielsen-Gurung
  • Jen Rignold

Barristers & Clerks

  • Bret Walker SC, Fifth Floor, St James’ Hall Chambers
  • Nick Eastman, Martin Place Chambers
  • Andrew Tokley SC, 5 Wentworth Chambers
  • Mark Seymour, Martin Place Chambers
  • Paul Batley, Frederick Jordan Chambers
  • Alexander Flecknoe-Brown, 6 St James Hall Chambers
  • Michelle McMahon, 6 St James Hall Chambers
  • Trent Glover Barrister, 11 St James Hall Chambers
  • Pat Lane, Barrister, Level 22 Chambers
  • Maggie Dalton, Fifth Floor St James’ Hall Chambers
  • Michele Kearns, Martin Place Chambers


  • Community and Public Sector Union
  • Community Housing Industry Association
  • Friends of Millers Point
  • Homelessness NSW
  • Justice Connect
  • Legal Information Access Centre
  • Law Access
  • Metropolitan Local Aboriginal Lands Council
  • National Centre for Indigenous Excellence
  • NSW Council Of Social Services
  • Newtown Neighbourhood Centre
  • Older Women’s Housing and Homelessness Group
  • The Catering Specialists
  • Shelter NSW
  • State Library of NSW
  • Sydney of City Council
  • College of Law
  • National Association of Community Legal Centres

TU Ambassadors

Our donor program of TU Ambassadors continues. These are individuals who support the work of the Tenants’ Union to defend tenants rights and have donated $50 or more within 12 months.

  • Dean Curotta
  • Mark Suter
  • Ghilaine Hammond-Baillie
  • Virginia Pidcock
  • Gordon Polley
  • Brian Mead
  • Peter Hill
  • Brett Collins
  • Teresa Harm
  • Jacqui Thorburn
  • Alan Horner
  • Nicholas Melas
  • Magnus Linder
  • Beth Mitchell
  • Clive Matthews
  • Felicity Reynolds
  • Amity Lynch
  • Anthony Ziebell
  • Ann Sloan
  • Tweed Residential Parks Homeowners Association Inc
  • Patricia McDonough
  • Phil Hayden
  • Nicholas Warren
  • Sylvie Ellsmore
  • Sue Scott
  • Lucy Burgmann
  • Patricia Costantina
  • Alexander Gilleran
  • Jelica Alelsandra Caprica
  • Eric Earley
  • Rivergum Residents Committee
  • Len Hogg
  • Beryl Anderson

Pro Bono Support

We also acknowledge the pro bono support we have received throughout the year from:

  • Gilbert and Tobin
  • Allen and Overy Lawyers


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