Check rents in your local area - monthly update

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The Rent Tracker tool has been updated to include bonds data to the end of July and now includes both postcodes and regions. Since its launch in early June the tool has been viewed nearly 6000 times!
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Rent Tracker Postcode Tool

Magnifiying glass over text reading "Postcode Rent Tracker". Aerial view of housing. Top and bottom border is small text with random postcode and suburb names
A simple new tool that gives you information about rents in your local area.
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TU releases new Rent Tracker, highlights insecure renting

The Tenant's Union has released the latest version of Rent Tracker. Alongside movements in rent prices, in this issue we've also established a new measure of the level of insecurity in renting - the percentage of churn of rental bonds.
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Latest Rent Tracker release

rent tracker cover image - a house with eyes.
Latest Rent Tracker report available now
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Tenants' Union Annual Report 2015-2016 now online

The cover of the Tenant's Union Annual Report
This year the TU celebrated four decades of working for tenants’ rights. An anniversary such as this is an opportunity to celebrate achievements, acknowledge the many contributors to the journey and take a clear-eyed view on what still needs to be done. You can read more about how we celebrated this milestone in our Annual Report. The report also summarises the TU's activity over 2015-2016 across all our service areas.
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New Rent Tracker released for NSW

Nearly 800,000 bonds are held by the NSW Rental Bond Board, and each of these bonds helps tell a story.
For over thirty years, the NSW Government has compiled a Rent and Sales Report, drawing on data held by the Rental Bond Board about new bonds lodged each quarter. The report tells an important story about renting in New South Wales, by recording the new rents tenants have agreed to pay in all towns and suburbs across NSW.
The Tenants Union of NSW has launched a new publication to help tenants, journalists and others to understand this story. We have analysed the Rent and Sales Report, along with other publicly available data about rents, and created an easy to read publication called Rent Tracker. 
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