Residential land lease communities

The Tenants' Union of NSW works with and for residential park residents (also now know as land lease communities) in the following ways:

  • We publish The Noticeboard (, a website for park residents.We undertake law reform activities to protect the rights of park residents and improve consumer protection.
  • We convene the NSW Residential Parks Forum which brings together lawyers, tenant advocates and resident representatives to share information and discuss residential park related matters.
  • We provide training on residential parks law for Tenant Advocates.
  • We provide legal advice, research and resources to Tenant Advocates.
  • We publish two newsletters about residential park life and legal issues - Outasite and Outasite Lite (e-bulletin). The current and previous editions are available on our website here. If you would like to subscribe please fill in the form on this page. If you want to subscribe to a the paper version of Outasite, email us at contact [at] or call us on (02) 8117 3700.


Our land lease community factsheets give an overview of residents' rights and responsibilities under NSW law and provide guidance on how to deal with some of the common issues that arise in land lease communities.

NSW land lease community law can be complex because more than one Act and several sets of regulations may come into play in regard to a single issue.

Be aware the law applies differently to people who rent both the site and the home (tenants) and those who rent only the site (home owners). Some of the legal information on this site is directed only at one group or the other.

We have three types of factsheets: